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  1. This is what we are going to do. She was pregnant at the time and obviously had to leave work, so that's why we got behind on the payments. She DOES have one wrong thing on her credit report: a BoA C.C. that is currently listed as "120 Days Past Due", she settled and paid it 3 years ago. She also has a closed (in good standing) Barclays card she "never remembers having", I'm thinking she just forgot or something.
  2. Disputing everything that is negative, that is.
  3. I just read the "How to repair your credit" article that's in this forum. It claims the first step to trying to clean up your credit report is disputing absolutely EVERYTHING and claiming that it's "not yours". The secret is, if they can't verify or prove that it's actually yours-they have to delete it completely. If that doesn't work, it has a list of other things to dispute. You must wait 30 days in between disputes and there's a very good chance it will not work. There is also a very good chance that none of it will work, or that it could come back on your report in a month. My question is, how often does this actually work? 9 out of 10 times I'm sure most things come back as "verified". I know most people want things deleted completely, but is that the real world? Wouldn't it be better to just call up the OC and ask them to update your report if something is wrong? Or sending a dispute letter to fix anything that is wrong? I mean this whole process takes like 6 months to do, and has a very high chance of failure. I'm not sure it's worth it. The reason why I'm saying this is because I'd like to clean up my fiancé's credit, she has a few (4 I think) "less than full balance" paid C.C.'s, a few good accounts, and a car loan that has a year of late payments. Her report is pretty accurate actually. I don't have the time or energy to dispute her entire report for 6 months hoping that some of the O.C.s kept bad records...just my $.02
  4. My fiance has about 19 late payments on her credit report from a car loan. We are just now paying on time every month. What is the best way to try and get the creditor to remove some of these late payments? Dispute them? Goodwill letter? Does anyone have a method they've done and works? Thanks!
  5. My wife has a 2009 Corolla with an auto loan for $14k (including all fees and taxes). I think it's a 5 year or 6 year loan, at 2.9%. Well, needless to say she has been late many times which in turn has ruined her score. The problem is that every time we make a payment, it goes to the payment that's behind...so she's never caught up, she's always a month behind. Now her credit report shows a YEAR of late payments. We can't make 2 payments a month. The other problem is that the payment is due the 1st of the month, pretty much the worst possible time, when everything else is due and we never have the money. She called TFS, and they kindly said "If you make this months payment on time (Nov.), we can change your due date to the end of the month and put the late payment at the end of the loan". Okay. Made the payment and called back. Absolutely NOT. They will NOT change the due date, will NOT put ANYTHING at the end of the loan whatsoever. They are now demanding we make 3 car payments or they will repossess. So, they lied to get a payment? Actually had my wife in tears at one point because the idiot over the phone was laughing at her basically. They were of absolutely no help at all and will not work with her in any way shape or form. Is there anything else we can do? My wife wants to give up and just let them have the car, it's a POS anyway. Horrible experience with Toyota overall and would NOT get another one, or at least not get a loan thru them.
  6. Thanks for all the reply's! This is exactly what I plan on doing.
  7. My income could be $40k/year if I combined it with my fiances, however she has horrible credit...It was like 519 last time I checked, she has a year of late payments on her current auto loan. BUT-she does have a lengthy credit history, a few student loans, various credit cards, etc all pretty good...just the car killed her credit. I was originally going to have the loan in her name, this whole 624 CS is totally new, my score was like 570 5 months ago. All I did was open a secured CC and make payments. I wonder if I could fix her credit up a bit, maybe getting it to atleast 600 then I could co-sign for her, unless that would just hurt our chances?
  8. Personally, I don't think I would be approved for ANY loan, unless it was something tiny like $3,000. $11,000 is more than half of my yearly income. Plus, I only have 2 tradelines in my CR-one bad and one good, the good being a secured credit card with a history of 5 months paying on time. Unless the fact that it would be a brand new van trumps my yearly income, if the bank had to repo it they could get more than $11,000. Thus reducing there risk? Just a thought.
  9. Hi, First of all, thank you for anyone who can help me with this. And I'm sorry if my question has been answered before. I'm looking into buying a slightly used or brand new Dodge Caravan. (I have3 kids, possibly another on the way) I'm looking to pay no more than $21k for the car brand new. I have about $10k to put down, and I want to pay all the financing fees, etc upfront (NOT roll them into a loan). That leaves about $11,000 to be financed. I don't exactly know how it works, but I want that $10k to be taken off the top of $21k, then pay the other associated fees. Am I missing anything here? This is what the big picture looks like: Credit: My score is 624, but should go up a bit by the time I'm ready to purchase. I have a Cap.One CC that got charged off, but I paid it in full. I believe that is due to fall off in a year or so. I currently have a Secured CC from my bank, that I have been paying off completely the past 5 months. Those are the only 2 lines I have, and a couple of inquries. Income: My income is about $17k/year, possibly a little more since I go full time for 2 1/2 months over the summer. I've been employed for about 5 years at this same job. Collateral: Hopefully a brand new, 2014 or 2013 Caravan. (since they are so dirt cheap) Loan amount & down payment: Hopefully about $11,000. I have $10k to put down, and also a trade in worth atleast $5k, possibly more. Transaction type & loan terms: Purchase. Hopefully a 5 or 7 year loan. The only co-signer I would have is my fiance, but she has horrible credit. She killed hers with her current car, has atleast a year of late payments. Although she does have a lot of credit history; student loans, CCs, etc. Maybe it would be better if I co-signed for her? My credit isn't wonderful either, though.
  10. Awesome. Now if I can just get that nasty charge off removed!!
  11. Clydesmom, your jumping to conclusions. Do you really think I'm so much of a jerk I wouldn't co-sign for my own wife? Maybe I should have included the reason why I wasn't co-signing, but like BV80 said, it wasn't relevant. My question was asking if anyone has ever heard of 21% financing and why my sister in laws credit dropped. There was no facts to be given, the question was about my wife and her sister. Nothing to do with my credit and or me. However, I will explain myself. I did try co-signing for my wife on a previous auto loan a few months ago, and of course we got denied. I have terrible credit & so does she, so theres no point in me co-signing, I would probably just lower her chances if anything, and she understands that. I can't even get a secured credit card, it's really sad actually.
  12. Well, after waiting for several weeks I decided to try and get into my free report again. I did Equifax and it DID let me into the verification questions, however they were once again crazy questions about banks I've never heard of, etc. I tried Experian instead, knew all the questions except ONE, and it let me in!!! So apparently you're allowed to get 1 wrong. There was nothing super strange in my report, couple little weird things. 2 of my old addresses were mixed together, as if it was one address. This is a PO box and a single family. Different towns. Also, in the section "Requests Viewed Only By You", I DO know all the inquires except one-its called "Granite Bay Acceptance" and I've never heard of them before. The only other thing is it seems my old Verizon account (which still to this day has not been paid) fell off all my reports, or at least it's not in TU or Experian. I'm almost positive it has NOT been 7 years since it was reported. Could there be some other reason? I never disputed it or anything. Thanks for any and all help.
  13. That's a funny joke. I can't even get a Target card.
  14. I'd love to co-sign for my wife, but I have a (paid) charge off in my file, which is the only thing I have. I have so little credit it won't even produce a Fico score. Yet, I can't get approved for anything to build it up, because of the charge off. Damned if I do, damned if I dont. I guess the next thing to try is a secured card. I'm surprised they offered financing too. Is there anything my sister in law can do? Or does she just have to wait until the hard inquries fall off? I haven't pulled her Fico score, but I could, to try and see what's going on. The monthly payments were going to be over $600/month with all that interest. YIKES!
  15. First of all, my wife has terrible credit. She was in the market for a new car and was going to have her sister co-sign on the loan. (Her sisters score was in the 640s range), so she could even get approved for a loan at all and also have a decent rate. When it was all said and done, the salesperson came back with her sisters score-and to our shock it was 529!! And my wifes is 534. So they offered us 21% financing. I know that's not even reasonable, but has anybody ever heard of that or seen someone pay that much? Can't they do a little better? The crazy part is, her sister just got a used car a few months back, 5 yr loan with 3% interest. She also has a Macys card. I don't understand how it could drop by 100 points in a few months.
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