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  1. Good afternoon Thank you for your reply. I reported the issue with the CFPB and it says they will respond within 15 days. Should i call Capital one and tell them to send me the 1099 and stop the fraud investigation, since is pretty obvious to me now that they screw-up? Thank you rbdaniel33
  2. Good evening I received an IRS notice regarding my 2013 tax returns being incorrect, Cap One sent the IRS a 1099-c form for $2100. I did not know what was this about and called Cap One, they told me in 2013 they sent a 1099 to my to an old address I have not lived in 9 years. This happens to be about an old card me and my ex had which was Charged-off in Jun 1998 and apparently Cap One decided to send me a 1099-c in 2013. Now Cap One wants to start an investigation into the 1099 and I am affraid they could restate my old debt, which the cust service person says wont happen. Her explantion is that because the card was charged -off that they send people the 1099 but that there is not specific time for this to happen and is NOW (well 2013) that they decided to do this. This sounds weird and I am concern they will mess with my credit, reinstated a Charged off account and since they already messed with my refund not sure what else could happen. they of course now have my current address and not sure what can happpen now. Thank you rbdaniel33
  3. Hello Big sister and Newbie Thank you for your postings. I will follow Big sister's update and let them do the pull. Newbie, thank you for the note. It is not from Equifax Mortgage, I went to Chase Bank and the pull shows Chase.. so that should be good. I am going to look into this Fica,com site and see.. Thank you Daniel
  4. Good afternoon Please let me know if if am posting this in the wrong location. I started the refinance process January 15th. Chase pulled my credit and score to start the process. My score was different from what I saw from the Equifax triple score report ( I have an account with them). Today Feb 6th, I spoke with the bank and they said I had to restart the process because I was late January and February 2011.. I does not show in the credit report, but she insists that I need to start the process again which would require them to pull the credit again. My score for Equifax dropped 8 POINTS that day from 711 to 703, and I am affraid another pull would pull me below 700 which would be unacceptable at least for me. Additionally, The other scores were way off to what I had pulled, How is that possible. My question is, Would my credit go even lower if CHASE pulls my credit within 30 days? I called Equifax and their response was to referred me to a 3rd party Advisor company. Arent they (Equifax) the company that keeps scores? This is ridiculous? My score according to CHASE: Equifax 695 Trans Union 683 Experian 711 My report from Experian: Equifax 699 Trans Union 716 Equifax 711 / now 703 after pull. Thank you Daniel
  5. Good evening This could possible be a new post, but since it is a continuation of previous post I added to this. In October 22nd 2012, I received an envelope with a Debtor profile statement from PENN CREDIT and a print out of the bill from the original debtor. No statement, no explanation. I need to know, what can I do to get this people straight. as previously stated ,I do not own money to the organization, I did not use their services and I can see now in the bill a different DOB to me. It has not hit my credit, but counting they will. Thank you Daniel
  6. Good afternoon everyone I have a question regarding a debt collection listed on me Credit report. I am pretty new here so I am not sure on all the acronyms... I notice in my Credit Report a collections note from a PENN CREDIT CORPORATION collecting for CITY OF BOYNTON BEACH FIRE RES. The open date is: 06/2010 and reporting negativetly until current date. I have not used the services of any Fire Rescue in Boynton Beach, nor from where I live. Since I was already logged in Experian, I started a Dispute saying that this account does not belong to me. I am not sure that I have any records or letters from PENN, but will look into it and will post. To me this is the first time I hear from the Fire Rescue Debt or from Penn. The only thing I know is that my credit score has tumbled down quite a bit from the last time I pull the scores about a year ago. Any suggestions as to how to proceed? Thank you Daniel