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  1. I received a 1099c from Chase for cancelation of debt. I did not settle or pay anything to this card. I pulled my credit report and the balance shows as the full balance. Also my Mortgage which was completed in Oct 2011 does not show on my credit report. Any ideas?
  2. My wife and I are looking to apply for a mortgage preapproval the end of next week. My FICO is TU 670, EQ 642, FAKO EX 657. There is a collection that was paid last week for Equifax (only Credit report it is on). I also am paying my 2 credit cards down. They are $2000 and at 28% utilization. I am trying to get my score up a few points quickly. I am going to pay them down to around 10%. The loan officer said it would be great to get atleast 2 scores above 660 which would help us out alot with rates. My wife has excellent credit in the mid 700's. I am going to have the bank do a rapid rescore if this will help due to bring the utilization down. Do I have a chance at the payment showing up with a rapid rescore by the end of next week? thanks
  3. It is out of SOL for suing me. Still within the SOL for reporting. Would settling this debt for less and having a paid charge off help me at all? I may have to settle either way because when my wife and I go for a mortgage they may require it settled.
  4. I have a chase account with a $4800 balance. It is out of the SOL. I have sent 2 623 investigation disputes and they have sent me quite a bit of info so I have no real argument. I would just let this fall of in 2 years but I want to buy a home and want the best chance of buying a home. I can not afford to try a PFD. I have been told that some lenders will require charged off accounts to be settled. Any idea of a realistic offer to make and will this in any way improve my credit?
  5. If I pay the hospital directly and the hospital reports to the collection agency paid...how can the CA not delete this?
  6. I have been disputing a debt that I thought was covered by my insurance. Apparently my insurance only paid part of it. I called the collection agency and asked for a pay for delete. They said no. I called the hospital and they said I can pay them and they will report paid to the collection agency. My question is will this collection account be deleted if I pay through the hospital? Or will it say paid collection?
  7. I last checked my FICO score 2 months ago and it was around the same area....I would think that a charge off beyond the SOL would want to PFD...in 2 years it will be gone and they will get nothing I also keep trying to dispute this account with anything and everything I can think of....last dispute came back frivilous
  8. I have been working on my credit repair for about 6 months now. My score when I started was around 580. My score now is 602 and has been stuck there for a few months now. During my repair process I had several paid collection accounts deleted, a settled charge off removed, and an unpaid charge off removed. My only negatives are a paid in full student loan (just made my last payment this month). I was late numerous times but haven't been late in almost 3 years. I have sent goodwill letters to all the executives, ombudsman of dept of education and anyone else I could find related to AES. They will not remove the lates. My only other negative is a unpaid chargeoff with chase with a balance of $4800. This account has a date of 1st delinquency from 2006. I tried 623 several times and they have quite a bit of info on the account. I also sent a PFD for less than the full amount and never heard anything back. I have also been added as an authorized user to another CC with a low balance which was opened around 8 years ago. I have been making my crazy car payments on time for the last 5 years, never a late payment. I just don't understand how this one charge off account which is so old and the late payments on my student loan 3 years ago are keeping my score down. I am open to pretty much anything at this point. What are my options? I read so many post with people who have many more negatives and have higher scores. Please Help!!! Thank You
  9. I have an unpaid charge off that is out of SOL. I have used the 623 investigation method and disputed several items with the CRA's. I have also attempted a PFD with no response. I noticed that the date of first delinqency and date of last payment are the same date. How can this be possible and is this something that could be disputed to get the account deleted? Also how much is this account affecting my credit score? The account will drop off in 2 years.
  10. I have disputed 2 charge offs with no luck. I have also sent 623 investigation letters that came back valid. I am thinking about disputing with the CRA's that the two charge off's....one with a balance and one settled charge off. I am going to dispute that the date of 1st delinqency is wrong and it is over 7 years and should be deleted. The date of 1st delinqency seems wrong to me and I have no records of when 1st delinqency was. Do I have a shot with this dispute?
  11. I'm disputing that I never settled this account. I was involved with a debt settlement company that really screwed up my credit. They actually settled the debt, not me. I don't have a settlement agreement.
  12. I disputed with the credit bureaus several times. I sent them a 623 dispute which said the account was verified. I then sent another 623 dispute asking for a more detailed investigation with what I wanted investigated. This was ignored, I'm assuming they are saying it was frivalous. I sent another letter to them addressed to the legal department stating that they have to answer my request for the investigation or let me know within 5 business days that they deemed the investigation frivalous. I am waiting to hear back. This is for an account that is listed in charge off status, paid less than full. The account was listed settled 5 years ago.
  13. According the the FCRA under a 623 a OC must notify the consumer within 5 days of determining that the dispute is frivalous. I again sent a letter to the creditor who did not respond to my request for investigation. Anyone else have this issue? Notice of determination. Upon making any determination under clause (i) that a dispute is frivolous or irrelevant, the person shall notify the consumer of such determination not later than 5 business days after making such determination, by mail or, if authorized by the consumer for that purpose, by any other means available to the person.
  14. That can't be a good sign....115 views and no posts...guess I'll be stuck with the lates.
  15. I've already done the 623 on the charge off accounts with no luck. I will pay down the orchard bank to under $30. Does it help to use it for small purchases and pay that off each month or just keep it at the 10% balance?