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  1. aye........assuming that tonight i will be filling out the insolvency work sheet .........luckily i have my credit report showing all by collection "debt" .........figures Chase would do this right before the statute of limitations expired in August of this year........I guess we could still file jointly because my husband says he has a lot more cr card debt than he has told me..........the insolvency work sheet is a pain.........I don't know how much i paid for my clothing over the years but my guess is if i went to sell everything would not get more than 200.00........and my computer........
  2. I think i knd of posted in the middle of all this even though new question......am new to this but also quite confused with my 1099 C on letter head.........my cr bureau rport says the Chse account is still in collections........i can file insolvency but i don't know.......if Chase claims in leter that they took a huge loss on April 29, 2011, it seems to me that it is odd that i am getting notified of code G in 2013..........are they claiming it twice? I have also never heard of Chase or any other bank holding onto debt at the same time i am being called by at least 5 different collection age
  3. i AM relieved to see all these other folks having issues with Chase........I owed them 20,000 when i stopped paying in 2010 due to filinf for disabiility which i am now on........this year i got not an actual 1099C IRS from but a copy and pasted version on Chase letter head........i filed dispute with the FCPB and got a letter from Chase stating that that is what they sent and they don't have to send me an actual "irs" form........they used the code "G" - at this same time i start receiving calls from portfolio recovery who never leaves a message........i ordered my credit report from experian
  4. I received a call from a third party collections agency client services which apparently chase bank sold my debt to - with fees it was like 21,000 - all in all due to an undiagnosed bipolar disorder and the banks giving me 10 times the credit that I even earned when employed I prob owe about 70,000 that i don't have period. Have not worked since je and am in appeals in ssda. Spouse works but of course we are struggling as one income household - we have nothing jointly, not savings, ckng, cr crds, cars, etc. Everything is seperate or in his name except the house and that would not affect us