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  1. So why can't i object to it being hearsay? Isn't that why it shouldn't be allowed as evidence? Can I verbally make a motion to strike in court?
  2. OH and one other question, can I object to a bill of sale and account statements as heasay in trial? that is something i can argue correct? i don't have to have a written motion to stike, i can do it verbally right?
  3. So what does that mean. If my argument is that it doesn't have my info on the bill of sale how do i support that claim? Also, what about the itemized statement of charges, is there a NM Law on that that you know of? I have been looking for a few days have found anything too concrete.
  4. Ok been doing a lot of reading and I am going to court the JDB has a cookie cutter bill of sale and about 10 months worth of statments. The last statement they have doens't even show the amount they are suing me for BTW. So does anyone now the particular law that states they must show me an itemized statement of charges??? Also, I will want to object to the evidence they had as hearsay because the bill of sale doesn't have my name, acct # or anything correct? Can you give me a litt help Thanks.
  5. Hello, Case is in court and send a motion for production and the debt lawyer sent me copies of statements, my question is, is that enought evidence in the court to rule in their favor ?
  6. Also, can I just bring up the SOL piece when i'm in court and tell the judge or do i have to fill our some formal document before court?
  7. OK I was reading some of the court procedures and noticed this 6 month rule in New Mexico anyone heard of it? NMRA 2-305 Part D. Dismissal for failure to prosecute. Any acution pending for six (6) months from the datethe complaint is filed, in which the plaintiff or defendant asserting a counterclaim has failed to take all avilable steps to bring the matter to trial , shall be dismissed without prejudice. Will this 6 month rule work as a defense, i noticed that looking though some cases in my state i saw one that was dimissed with this reason against the same worthless JDB lawyer.
  8. Hello, I case against me regarding credit card debt alleged again me was filled around 2 years ago, at that time i did all the neccesary reponses and so forth. Case was send to meditation, went to mediation, we discussed that I had no knowledge of debt and wanted the law firm to provide docements showing reasaonable proof the debt was mine. The Law firm and mediator agreed and said they would send proof and we would continue at a later date. Never heard anything from court or lawyer, now 2 years later the case in set for trial. So first, what i'm going to do is file a motion for production and see what happens. My question relates to SOL, since the 2 years the case has been in limbo the SOL has expired. SInce this case was filed over 2 years ago can i use that as a defense or no? Any other defenses i might be able to use since it has been in limbo for so long would be appreciated>>>>>>
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