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  1. Hello guys!!! I sent a DV to Pinnacle Credit. They sent me a response, but the response came from APM Financial Solution. They included Pinnacle Credit like a Client. In my credit report appear the follow info about this account (Pep Boys Credit Card): Date Opened: 04/2004 Date Reported: 12/2008 Date of Last Payment: 11/2005 Status: Charge Off In the response letter they mark the account like "Statute Date: 11/15/209 Out of Statute" It is Out of Statutes or no? What happen if the account is out of statutes? They delete or no? My next step? Thanks
  2. Hi guys: I sent this DV to Capital One. To Whom it may concern This letter is response to a letter I received from you regarding account ending 1387. I demanded that you investigate this account and the information your Company is reporting to the Credit Bureaus According to the Far (FACRA) laws: (§ 623. (a)(8) ABILITY OF CONSUMER TO DISPUTE INFORMATION DIRECTLY WITH FURNISHER). Case law has established for the past few years that the Original Creditor can be held liable for reporting inaccurate information (Richardson vs. Fleet, Nelson vs. Chase Manhattan ), the FACTA legislation passed recently allows the consumer to go directly to the original creditor and dispute information which the original creditor in the FCRA, has supplied to the credit bureaus In order to clear up this matter, I want to see, all documentation related to this account to prove, I indeed am the owner of this account and that the information is being reported accurately. If you don't respond with the results of the investigation (as is required per the FCRA § 623. ( Duties of furnishers of information upon notice of dispute), I will assume you have no documentation and therefore you were negligent in providing the credit bureaus with accurate information. If you cannot or will not verify the account to me yet continue to report the trade line and verify to the fore mentioned credit bureaus than you are in violation of the FCRA – you must remove the entry. At this point, you would also be in violation of the FCRA merely for not responding within the 30-day period. To avoid a lawsuit, I request that you remove any and all information regarding this account from my Credit Reports, at fore mentioned Credit Reporting Agencies. I will seek legal action under § FCRA 623 ( for violations of the FCRA if you do not comply and respond to me with the results of the investigation in 30 days. Respectfully, The response to my letter from Capital One Thanks for contacting us about your Capital One account. We are unable to process your request to validate the debt with the information you provided. To process your request, we need your name, address on file with Capital One, your current address (if different from what we have on file please indicate if you would like us to cirange the address), account number, Social Security number, date of birth, and the case lD that appears at the topof this letter. Mail your documentation to: CapitalOne P.O. Box 30285 salt Lake city, UT 64130-0285 You are a valued customer and we thank you for choosing capital one. lf you have any questions, please give us a call at 800-955-7070. our Customer Service Representatives are available from 8 am to 9pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Sincerely, Capital One Services, LLC PAGE 0l OF 0l 004069 / eA- tsto/oou @ 201t capital one. capital one is a federally registered service mark. All riqtrts reserved. What should be my next step? Thanks!!!!!!!!!
  3. do not have much knowledge about the law. I am going to copy what appears online of the court. Case Detail Case: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Action: DAMAGES Filing Date: 05/21/2009 Parties Plaintiff(s) Attorney CAPITAL ONE BANK USA NA BORACK DAVID E Defendant(s) Served Attorney XXXXXXXXXXX Dockets Date Action Docket Type 05/20/2009 COMPLAINT 05/21/2009 Calendar entry added for: 06/10/2009 08:45 AM 05/21/2009 Reason: PRTC 05/21/2009 SUMMONS NOTICE TO APPEAR 05/28/2009 XXXXXXXXXXXX SPU 05/28/2009 SERVICE OF PROCESS UNSERVED SPU 06/09/2009 Calendar entry deleted for: 06/10/2009 08:45 AM CDEL 03/02/2010 NOTICE OF LACK OF PROSECUTION NLP 1 03/02/2010 NOTICE OF LACK OF PROSECUTION NLP 1 04/09/2010 Calendar entry added for: 05/13/2010 09:00 AM CINS 04/09/2010 Reason: CMC CINS 04/13/2010 MOTION TO DISMISS/ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE/TO APPEAR MON 1 05/13/2010 ORDER OF DISMISSAL OR CLOSING (LACK OF PROSECUTION) ODL 1 05/13/2010 TRIAL MEMO / PRE-TRIAL MEMO TM 1 10/08/2010 CASE FILE DESTROYED PER RULES OF FL JUDICIAL ADMIN 2.430 CFD
  4. Even I though never had to attend the court because the day before the citation the court send me a letter saying " Motion to dismiss/Order to Causeto show/ to appear? Thanks
  5. I need Help with One Capital In 11/2007 I open an account with One Capital. In 8/2008 they closed the account. In 2009 they sent a citation to me to the court in the State of Florida. 6 months later, I received a letter of the court where he indicates " notice of lack of prosecution" For a year I am disputing to this account but i always recive the same answer, " verified, not change" In 4/2011 I sends a DV to Capital. They responded to me saying that under I number of account that I provide was impossible to verify the account. They request a copy of my SS and driver license . Obvious I did not send anything to them. I sent a new dispute to CRA and sends copy of the letter that Capital One sent to me and copies of the failure of the court. CRA respond the same, verified not change. my next step is? PD: Sorry for my bad english Account Information Date Opened: 11/2007 Reported Since: 12/2007 Date of Status: 08/2008 Creditor's Statement: Account closed at credit grantor's request. Status: Account charged off. $1,531 written off. $2,654 past due as of Feb 2011. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Oct 2014. This item was verified and updated on Sep 2009.