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  1. No there is no bill of sale they mention the card in the affidavit but it is the wrong acc number.There is a statement of claim that also has the wrong number don't think the statement of claim is a bill of sale.
  2. There is an affidavit and a statement of claim from midland but that is all.the lawyer asked for a continuance to get his papers together.I did not realize that they could change the acc number they are suing me for.
  3. Yes I sent a answer and they sent eveidence thats is how I realized they were sueing me for a card that was not mine.The number wasent even close.I was wondering if that was enough to get the case dropped. they claim there were familier with my case but yet they have the name wrong and the card number wrong.The lawyer representing them had some statements from card that was mine but the court papers all have a wrong card number on them.Thanks for your replys
  4. There is no settlement yet I was hopping since the card they are sueing me for has an incorrect acc number that I might win.
  5. I am being Sued by a JDB Midland funding.I went to court last month the card number I am being sued for is incorrect Nevr had a card with that number.When I was in court last month spoke with the attorney he had some of my statements from a card which was mine but not the card I am being sued for.He asked for a continuance now the court date is on this monday recived a settlement letter last week.Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts.Oh ya I am in Connecticutif that helps.One more thing does anyone Know if you can go bankrupt on a small claims judgement just in case I lose.
  6. Tanks that is great Any thoughts on the other matter
  7. Hi I would like to say thanks to all of you for helping people Here is my questions. I am being sued by midland funding for about 4000 dollars, boa was the orginal creditor.I went to court and there lawyer asked for a continuance because the card number they are suing me for is not mine.Toatally Wrong numbers he had some statements with the right numbers but the one on the court papers are wrong is this good for me can I win and can you go bankrupt on a judgement.Oh ya I have been trying to find a template for a dv letter does anyone have a link thanks so much this site rocks.
  8. Thanks here is some more info There exhibit A statement of claim it says from the defendants use of credit card account XXX XXX XXX and the numbers don't match. I don't want them to have my acc number on my card don't want to use a old statment unless I have no choice. my card also used my full name the lawsuit does not and I was wondering if I could counter claim my time expenses ect ect very new to all this reading as fast as I can to understand my options and this site is great thanks.I have been trying to find out if connecticut allows for discovery and I can't seem to find anything anyone know if discovery is allowed in connecticut I am still looking thanks.
  9. I did have a boa cc but not with the account number they have and they did not use my full name on the summons.I just recived the anwser sheet from the court I don't want to give them to much of my info but I know I did not have a account with the number they are using and the fact they did not use my full name will that help me thanks.
  10. Hi and goodmorning I love this site.I am new to all this and it is a bit overwhelming so I would like to thank all for helping others.Here is my situation I was served with a writ and notice of suit for a alledged credit card debt.The original owner of the alleged debt was bank of america and now it is owned by midland funding it is for over 4000$.They sent me a stack of papers Needless to say I am a little lost but here is what I noticed they did not use my full name and I never had a card with the numbers they have on there paper work. I am awaiting my awnswer papers from the court.I am alittle freaked out but with a little help I will fight for my rights. Any thoughts if I have a good case thanks Oh ya I forgot to say I did not do a DV letter.
  11. I ment to say,was that the correct info in my last post And if not what other info do I need to post thanks
  12. sorry about the last post hit the wrong button the debt was owned by bank of america it was a credit card it is now owned by midland funding llc it is for a little over 4000$ the law offices of howard lee schiff pc is sueing me i did not do a dv letter my full name does not appear on the claims writ and notice of suit it is not past the SOL I still need to send the answer back to the court I don't know what to say I am hoping since my full name does not appear that will help thanks I need help
  13. Hello I am new to this site and from what I have seen it is great I have not done a dv for the debt it is 4800$ and I should have the court answer sheet any day I am just wondering on the small claims writ and notice of suit they did not use my full name will this help me and what should I say in the answer to the court thanks need help don't know anything about this process oh they are not the original debt holder thanks.