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  1. Thank you bdrew6 for the reply. Oddly enough it is the same collection agency. I will look into trying to file a continence, not sure how to do that and who has to get what since I only have 4 days left now before the hearing. I really appreciate you taking the time to educate me on this subject..... and hopefully it will help others as well.
  2. I had a car accident - other persons fault with no insurance. My own insurance company is paying my bills. I had to have surgery and let the dr. know that I had work insurance and my own car insurance company would pay the balance. I got the one and only bill in nov. that showed it was sent to my work insurance. Waited for another statement, didn't get one so I called in Feb. to ask if they had submitted it to my adjuster, gave them the info again and told them to submit it to get paid in full. Thought it was a done deal. Never heard anything back from them. In Aug. I got a summons and was
  3. Case was filed in Idaho last year. I replied to their claim and denied just about everything. I asked for discovery 2X's and received nothing. Case sat for over 6 months with no activity from midland lawyer. It was dismissed in March for inactivity. Now, the calls have started again from Bennett Law in Salt Lake City who is the tied in with midland funding. What are my options? If it was dismissed for inactivity, doesn't it mean I won my case? Any help and direction would be appreciated. I have not answered their calls yet... they have just left voice messages to the effect. "This message i
  4. Thanks to all those that stepped in to give me support or to give advice. Here is a copy of the request for admissions and I NEED HELP Answering because I'm afraid if I admit to anything they will have a case. REQUEST1. Admit that you did in fact obtain a credit card form Citibank for your personal use. REQUEST2. Admit that you alone had control of the Credit Card from Citibank. REQUEST3. Admit that you made purchases and /or transactions with the credit card issued by Citibank. REQUEST4. Admit that you have no evidence that Citibank wrongfully issued its credit card to you using false or
  5. Update to my issue: I did send out the response in time and also sent a request for discovery, Notice of Pro Se, as well as a cease and Desist. I received a phone call from the lawyer, wanting to talk about my case. He tried to get me to tell him about the account or admit I had an account with Citibank. I of course, told him that I didn't know what he was talking about and that I needed to see it in writing, and I asked if he received my request for discovery. He said he had, but he was willing to settle now, and if he had to get the information I requested that it would only cost more in at
  6. Thanks do I do this at the same time as I send back my answers to the complaint? The BOP is to request the contract? Correct? thanks for your help
  7. Thanks Seadragon. When I started my research on Midland, I found nothing on them in Idaho. But this forum has helped me to realize that I don't have to back down to them. The law firm they are tied to, is not much better. I was able to find countless information about "Bennett Law" on the web, and needless to say " Two Birds of a feather flock together".... I hope by me posting this on this forum, that it could help someone else here in Idaho.
  8. Thanks so much NOWAY for your input. I will look into finding more info. on what is needed for the transfer of ownership. So far, I was not able to find anything. Also where would I cite the law.... in my "Defense"? thanks
  9. Ok For anyone willing to help.... here is my attempt at answering the summons: Can you tell me if I'm on the right track? Summons - below my answers are in Red. Law Office- attorney’s info. Midland Funding LLC VS. Defendant Plaintiff, MIDLAND FUNDING LLC, by and through the undersigned counsel; alleges and complains against defendant(s), as follows: I. Parties, Jurisdiction and Venue 1. Plaintiff, at all times relevant, is the owner of the debt sued upon herein and is authorized to do business in the state of Idaho. Denies – Defendant has insufficient knowledge or information to form a belief
  10. Thank you for your response and support. I have read your post and they are very informative. I will continue to follow what is happening in your suit. It helps when, you can see what someone else is doing and how it worked out for them.
  11. Thanks for all the Great information, but I'm still unsure how to proceed. I just found this site and have been reading many of the threads. I was served a summons, and have till June 6th 2011 to respond. Yes, just a few days away... Thank goodness for the information here:I would have made so many mistakes. But Due to the shortness of time, I'm need help answering some of these questions: Here is my summons: Law Office- attorney’s info. Midland Funding LLC VS. Defendant Plaintiff, MIDLAND FUNDING LLC, by and through the undersigned counsel; alleges and complains against defendant(s), as fol