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  1. I have zero credit card debt and haven't been late on my bills. The loan manager said that I need confirmation from the collection agency that they won't report the collection anymore before they do the rapid rescore. He doesn't think the release of liens will be a big enough help. I paid the nco collection and provided a receipt to the loan manager, but evidently that isn't enough to help the rapid rescore.
  2. Not sure where to post this because it falls under several categories, but here's my problem: I need to refinance my house and my credit score has to be a minimum of 640 to do so. I have a score of 629. There was an NCO-medclr collection and a federal tax lien on my credit report. Both debts were paid; the tax lien was paid last year and the NCO debt paid a couple weeks ago. The loan person said that they can do a rapid rescore, but he said it would probably be useless without removing that medical collection. The collection company said that it will appear as resolved but not actually be remo