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  1. Hello, My name is Jeremy and I'm 24 years old. I have had a 730 credit score for some time but to my surprise it is now a 580 and I'm unable to obtain credit. My goal is to buy a house this year and I'm scared I may have messed it all up. I would appreciate any advise I could get from the viewers of this forum. Last week I went to apply for a credit card and to my surprise I was denied. When the reason came in the mail it said "Serious Delinquency" and I was blown away. I had cut up my credit cards 5 months prior and was entirely debt free. I went and pulled my credit score and I show a history of 18 credit accounts, past and present, all with great scores and a "never late" disclaimer except for one, Bank of America. After investigation with the bank I have learned that my iTunes account was still linked to this card and I had bought a movie or two without realizing it. They say they have sent bills but as far as I was concerned I owed them no money so I just never looked. I totally understand that this is my fault I'm just hoping that $28 doesn't ruin my otherwise great credit. The BOA customer service representative acted as if I owed them my life and there is no way out. I FEEL I HAVE BEEN CAUGHT UP IN A COMPUTERIZED WORLD WHERE RATIONAL THOUGHT DOESNT EXIST! PLEASE HELP!