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  1. intelligente21

    Info for newbies (FAQ-style)

    Great information dear author. Keep it up!
  2. intelligente21

    Dunning Letter Outside of the 30 Day Window

    I have the same problem. Only that the CA responded after 30 business days!
  3. intelligente21

    $28 Ruining My Credit! Please Help!

    Keep on dreaming my friend. You are still young to have that kind of score.
  4. intelligente21

    Splitting One TL Into Multiple

    No, that is not illegal.
  5. intelligente21

    I need to go from 629 to 640 asap

    Pay your balances and debts first
  6. intelligente21

    Student loand in deferment

    There is nothing you could do
  7. willingtocope is right. You need to manage first your debt not your score.
  8. intelligente21

    Help!!! Capital One

    There is nothing you could do with that. The lawsuit just dismissed because your creditors reported your account.