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  1. Sorry for not clarifying. What actually happened is that instead of hiring an attorney to represent me, I found an attorney who was willing to assist me with writing my answers to the summons I received. I just didn't feel comfortable writing my answers myself. From then on...every document I received from the court I bought to him to look over; except for this ONE time where I did not give him a copy of the discovery order...dumb me. I feel horrible. My chances of winning was looking excellent until I forgot to show him that document. If he would have read it, he would have noticed that it not only listed my pretrial hearing date, but it also stated that "discovery may be conducted at this time." At this point, the attorney who was assisting me will charge me an arm and a leg to represent me (as much as they are asking for the card which is $2,000) and Legal aid won't even take my case, because they say technically I have already admitted to owning to card. I have no one to fight for me. It just isn't fair that I will have to pay up $2,000 on a card that isn't even mine due to one mistake. I'm up against the wall. I have no idea how to fight this. On a good note, I have a fair judge. At my pretrial hearing; even though the judge told me I should have answered the Plaintiff's request, she thought it was reasonable for me to ask for proof regarding ownership of the card. The Plaintiff's attorney did not like this. She seemed very agitated that the judge even said that. I really think if I explained my error to the judge, she would grant me an extension. The summary disposition is January 7th.
  2. I'm being sued by Midland Funding over a Capital One credit card that I never owned. However, I made the error of not informing my attorney of the discovery order. When I received the document in the mail stating my pretrial conference date, I mistakenly forgot to tell my attorney that it also mentioned that "Discovery may be conducted at this time." (I should have made a copy of the document and given it to my attorney) Anyway, now it looks as though my answers to the Plaintiff's Request "may" be in default (meaning I have admitted to owning the card). However, as of right now, my attorney is trying to seek an extension from the court. My concern is this: If the extension is NOT granted, do I still have a chance of winning against Midland Funding? Until I made that mistake, my case was looking good.