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  1. Sorry for not clarifying. What actually happened is that instead of hiring an attorney to represent me, I found an attorney who was willing to assist me with writing my answers to the summons I received. I just didn't feel comfortable writing my answers myself. From then on...every document I received from the court I bought to him to look over; except for this ONE time where I did not give him a copy of the discovery order...dumb me. I feel horrible. My chances of winning was looking excellent until I forgot to show him that document. If he would have read it, he would have noticed that it n
  2. I'm being sued by Midland Funding over a Capital One credit card that I never owned. However, I made the error of not informing my attorney of the discovery order. When I received the document in the mail stating my pretrial conference date, I mistakenly forgot to tell my attorney that it also mentioned that "Discovery may be conducted at this time." (I should have made a copy of the document and given it to my attorney) Anyway, now it looks as though my answers to the Plaintiff's Request "may" be in default (meaning I have admitted to owning the card). However, as of right now, my attorney is