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  1. At charge off if the principle amount is $3500.00 Shouldn't if from there on after always be a principle amount of $3500.00. I am not talking about interest (which I know changes), fees, etc. When paperwork specifically says "priniciple amount" should that number ever change? On every piece of paperwork I have in this suit.....the principle amount is different. Sometimes it is lower than in a previous document, sometimes it is higher.
  2. It is Capital One. I am not sure why NCO contacted me one time and then never again. I mean according to Cap 1 they still have account, so why would NCO have ever been involved?
  3. History: June 2009--Account charged off, 3869.00 August 2009---collection call from NCO. First and last time I heard from them. They asked a lot of questions about my access to other credit accounts and about a retirement account (which I didn't and don't have) February 22, 1010- complaint from Cap1 represented by Weltman, Weinberg, and Reis. First time I had ever heard of WWR. March 16, 2010--filed my answer with the court and mailed (by regular mail, a mistake) to plaintiff. April 2, 2010-received motion for default judgement and notice of hearing with no date. April 15, 2010--received judgement from courts. There were 2 dates on this document---one said tendered April 9, 2010 and the other said "entered" April 14, 2010 April 16, 2010--took a handwritten letter to the court asking why I had receved a default judgement when I had answered original complaint and had never received a court date. April 17, 2010--received by mail a copy of my handwritten letter with a handwritten note by the judge which said "reverse!" and yes it had an exclamation point after it. Also included was a court date for June 11th on the matter. May 14, 2010--received a notice from plaintiff lawyer to no objection to setting default judgement. (noted different attorney for Cap 1 now) May 12, 2011--MORE THAN A YEAR LATER Received verification of debt that I had requested in my answer to original complaint from March 16, 2010. This was a copy of the same account statement that had been included with the original complaint. They did not respond to any of my other affirmative defenses. June 6, 2011--Received motion for summary judgement. This included what I assume is usual stuff but it also included an affadavit dated March 1, 2010 from litigation support representative and agent of plaintiff about their record keeping practices. I am. Called court and they said I didn't need to file an answer to this, just show up in court July 8. Court clerk said Plaintiff had almost hit their deadline. Questions: Should I file some sort of response so that the judge has seen it ahead of time? I need to say that as much as I would like to see this go away, the debt is mine and I have worked VERY hard this past year or so to fix credit. That is why when NCO originally contacted me they were interested in why I couldn't use other credit accounts. I explained, and maybe this was dumb, that I was not going to screw myself with another creditor to fix another one. I want to pay the debt I actually owe, so at issue for me is that the totals on the documents I receive keep changing. I am not talking about the interest, I am talking about the principal sum keeps changing. Can it do that? Shouldn't the prinicipal sum they are collecting be the amount they charged off? Also, of note I am on unemployment. Have a joint bank account with my husband. If they get judgement, what is timeline and how does their collection on account work?