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  1. I'm going blind from reading about this credit stuff for two weeks. I'm so stressed out, i havn't slept, not eating, and have i mentioned that i havn't started this process yet? i'm very organized and motivated to do this, but my problem is that i'm worrying about making a mistake on where i should start. I have seriously spent 80 hours in the last week researching. I'm getting alot of answers i was looking for but when i find it, its just not precise enough. I am against paying for this stuff if i can do it myself. Problem is, i don't know if i really want to do this myself. There has to be SOMEONE i can sit down with and review my report and them suggest how I can repair what on my own vs them trying to convince me to pay them to do it for me. Everytime i start a thread with a question, i end up canceling because it gets too complicated. My main problem is that once my question is answered, then i will have a question for the response. I'm not a patient person and don't wanna wait for an answer. It will take me months to get started. I was soooo close to start this last week and after reading this thread, im so glad i didnt, because i would have went backwards and lost my chances at fixing my credit. advice?