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  1. Just for some fun and humor to add to the heavy seriousness around here ...
  2. There remains one other explanation for being dunned on an account you have no records or memory of. That explanation is a mixup somewhere with the OC or JDB records. I have had a JDB try to collect an account from my where the stated OC is a company I have never done business with. When I said it was not mine, they wanted a copy of an ID theft police report. I told them that I had no information that showed it to be ID theft, and demanded that they send me certain information, such as the signature from the original account agreement, to help me determine whether or not this was ID theft.
  3. Did the airline identify what this fee was for? I also wonder what would have happened had you decided not to pay the fee and they deny you a boarding pass, with regard to what you had paid prior ... would you be able to get all of that back? The airlines can do this because almost everyone will pay and they know that. But what was it for or did they just say "a fee"?
  4. I agree with you on not wanting to do business with idiots. Unfortunately, they are too many in number. But you can get past some of these issues if you deal with small banks in their actual headquarters. They you may be dealing with the people who actually look at the numbers and can know when to look past them.
  5. When a collector calls me about someone else's debt, many will make sure they never say to me that they are a debt collector (oh, but I can tell). If I answer and they ask for another party, I ask who they are. They say they are not allowed by law to say, and then I say I am not allowed to pass on a phone call without saying who it is. The most recent one of these was from a company called "Credit Collections USA, LLC". Now if they had simply used an obscure company name, would they have this problem? They tried to tell me it's to protect people's privacy. Huh? Really? And yet collecto
  6. I wonder how well that service works for deaf people.
  7. They might say to go buy one of those new pre-pay debit cards. People need to NOT do that. So what can be said back to convince them that is not going to ever happen (when for collectors that ask for them, lots of people do)?
  8. There are court rules. It can be hard to do, but if you can show they intentionally lied, you might be able to get a court sanction against them. But in the mean time file your motion to deny summary judgment showing there remains material facts to be decided (including their new lie).
  9. This can be done PER phone number. You must state the phone number and at least claim it is your phone (this will be void if it is not your phone).
  10. It's more expensive for an actual attorney to call for a collection call. I suspect it's fake.
  11. "If and when the block is lifted, then the only means of covering their credit card fees will be incorporating them into the cost of their products." And that means those who do not use credit will end up paying into the credit card system they do not use. Maybe the credit card companies should, instead of charging the fee to the retailers, just charge it directly. Those who use a service should pay for it. OTOH, there is convenience even for the retailers, that do not have with cash sales. That is the security of not having to handle so much cash. So the retailers should pay something
  12. "I don’t feel very sorry for them. My parents taught me if you can’t afford something, don’t buy it." Right away we can see this is a very narrow minded and ignorant person. What would junk debt buyers (be able to) do, if the law changed in a way that were restricted to using, in their lawsuit, only the evidence they provided up front to the debtor 91 days prior to filing the lawsuit (with proof of providing it in the complaint filing)?
  13. How likely is the CA to get records from the phone company that show the number belongs to person Y when person X sends in the demand for cease communications stating that phone number?
  14. I never verify anything by telephone ... not last four ... not address ... not even my name. If they say "we just want to know if we are calling the right number" then I say "if you have not verified the number is right, you should not even call in the first place".
  15. Motion to Compel providing copy of proper bill of sale applicable to the account in this case