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  1. I new that this situation was unique. I sent the collection co. a cease & desist letter. I told them they are causing distress within our family sending collection notices to my deceased mother. There firm should be embarassed. I also stated that they may be in violation FCRA section 623 for defamation and willful injury. I want the OC to put it back in my Dads name so I can negotiate or sue them. I need to show this account is settled. Any more sugestions of what I can do?
  2. Thank you for your replies. This is a Living Trust there is no probate the 120 day rule doe not apply. What can I do to let the collection co. know of the mistake they have made? Validate letter, cease and desist, file a complaint ??? Any ideas?
  3. My father passed away last year with a Living Trust and left a $8000 credit card debt with major retailer. Trustee tried to settle for 1/3 and never heard back from retailer. Then received a CC letter ( Client Services ) with my mothers name on it. She passed away 22 years ago. Received Dads credit report and it showed this account opened 16 years after Mom passed away. How do I approach the CC co. about this? I still need to show that this account to be paid with fathers name to satisfy Trust. Any help would be welcome. Thank you