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  1. Hello, my name is Jessica,mMy employer recieved  a Writ of Garnishment  fro mainstream aquistionsin January yet didn't tell me until April 27th  . I would be lying if I said I I never recieved the any letters from mainstream . My issue is that I have worked on and off with the same employer for 3 years. I receive my first letter right after I left the company in November 2015. I ignored my first letter due to the fact that I was no longer working with them and  I also have never had any account with chase  / Washington  mutal. I honestly  thought it was bogas. Especially since i keep tabs on my assetts and credit report. And it came out of nowhere with a 1300.00  settlement.  So over the next two years mainstream  continued to send my employer  a Writ of Garnishment when I was no longer their. I received  copies of the writ in mail  but never a judgment. Nothing ever came up at my other job, so I didn't worry. On April 27th my boss came to me and told me that she had received the letter in January that her accountant had just sent the letter to ADP to handle it. So my boss was in complete fear that she was being sued with my issue and started the garnishment already. She gave me the lawyers number and I contacted him he said that this is something that happened in 2012 that I signed a judgment in Miami Florida. In 2012 my husband and I got a divorce and I move to North Carolina I didn't even live at  that address in  2012. I was back and forth and had rented an apartment. So needless to say I never saw any paperwork as far as a judgement or a court date or a certified letter of any kind . When I spoke to the lawyer I asked him what had accrued this debt and did he have any documents with my signature on anything. He was a complete smartass stating that he did not need a document with my signature and that this is a judgment that's been going on for a long time he has my employer taking out 25% of my 2-week commission. As of right now he cannot touch it but it is being held. I don't know what to say to my employer I'm just trying to get this taken care of she should have let me know this from the jump and January but that's not what happened so moving forward. The lawyer that I spoke with, who isn't even with mainstream aquistions  corp, he is with O&L law group, of course offered me a buy out of the full dept at that very moment.  He told me he would fax me these documents and then he would work with me on a smaller percentage rate as soon as I got the signed papers back to him. Once I read the papers that he sent me there is no way that I'm willing to agree to any of this and just sign. I need guidance as to do I just not contact  the law firm and file for a hearing? Should I also seek legal aid due to the fact in March I lost my child and I would have felt comfortable  filing  for an exemption before March but I don't know if I have any ground to stand on now.