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  1. wow- this is not encouraging- so this game could go on until the SOL is reached-
  2. Is it true that the Plaintiff has to actually find someone who worked for the orginal creditor and bring them to court- we hired an attorney and paid 1500 to handle our citation/court suit from Equable Ascent Fin- on some old Wamu debt from 2008? We were served end of Jan 2011- filed the answer in Feb and filed a response to request for admission on March 19- So the silence has been bothering me- I ran a credit a report and the WAMU debt is still on their- How long can this linger in the court system for TX cases? I am starting to worry and want this behind me ASAP
  3. I am in the same boat with the same creditor- Equitable Ascent Finan over took the old WAMU account- We paid an attorney 1500 to deal with our summons- He filed a Defendant's Orginal Answer within the time period-this all took place from Jan- to March- Since then I have heard nothing about a court date- but the account is still on our credit report as placed for collection- The attorney states in most cases the collector/plantif has to go and find someone who was actually working for WAMU and documented your info and bring them to court- he was very positive that in most cases this never happens- Still I want a final result and this to be behind us- I am appalled that the IRS can force you to pay taxes on debt forgiveness deals you make with creditors- unbelievable - I wish I would have never done that- And as Dave said due not trust the attorney- good luck and keep us posted