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  1. Ok. I have been to the courthouse and reviewed the documents from the judgment against me. This judgment is from 2002, and last month the wage garnishment was sent to my employer. The name of the person who was served with papers back in 2002 is not me. If I remember correctly the person who signed for them was my neighbor. She signed her first name and my last name. Am I correct in filing a motion to have the judgment vacated because I was not properly served. And additionally filing a traverse to have the wage garnishment stopped?
  2. Thanks. I will start with the case file at the courthouse.
  3. No, I did not receive a summons. Yes, this was a complete surprise. And The judgment was entered on the 10th of last month. What other specific information would be helpful? Thanks for the info...
  4. I recently received notification of wage garnishment. This is due to a judgment rendered earlier this month. An attempt was made to contact me by mail, but the letter sent certified was delivered to an old address. Do I file a motion to vacate this judgment based on the fact the letter was sent to an incorrect address? If so...What about proving residence? Additionally; the debt is from Georgia, and according to my research, SOL of 4-7 years should trump. Any thoughts on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks