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  1. Great news guys! I disputed this debt last week and today it was deleted from my credit report! According to Experian.
  2. Hi, I called PG&E and offered to pay for delete but they wouldn't do it since the debt is turned over to NCO. Any other tips you guys can give me? Thanks.
  3. Hi All, I've been reading a lot of forums about dealing with NCO Financial but I'm not sure what route to take. Long story short I moved from California to Texas in late 2009, shortly after my ex and I broke up she moved out and during the process our mail got all messed up (the mail man thought we both moved so stopped giving me my mail). Once I got that issue resolved I saw on my credit report there was a collection for $199 from NCO Financial for PG&E in California. It was past the 30 days so they would no longer remove if I paid. Now I have no issue paying this debt but they will not t