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  1. Sure, but can they just write a letter saying the information reported is accurate? That doesn't seem right. I will follow up with them via CMRRR this week.
  2. It says paid on one bureau, closed on another, and transferred on the last one. All say charge off / collection. The collection agency has no information at all.
  3. I sent one of the 623 letters from the credit book store to Wells Fargo and their response is that the information is accurate and that I would need to show proof that it was paid and never late. Isn't the burden on the original creditor to show the original bill of sale and/or transactions for the account? In addition, Wells Fargo Financial, sold it to a collection agency which when I did the Debt Validation, the collection agency had no information and opted to delete it. Can you help me with this please?
  4. All, There is an excellent resource in 18 states by the Federal Government to help those who experienced a difficulty and no longer have it, yet fell behind in mortgage payments. The states administer the program and help if you are on unemployment, too, or assist to catch you up on the delinquency. Also, there are instances in each state where there can be gifted funds for up to $50,000.00 (depending on the state) off the principal of the loan and reamoritization of the loan. It is worth it to look into it and it's free. You don't have to pay anyone to review your case. (There are a lot o
  5. Depending on what state you are in, there are options. Check the Hardest Hit where 18 states participate and help with catching up past due payments or reducing the principal and reamoritizing the loan. Google your state and Help for Hardest Hit and it will tell you. Some states gift up to $50,000.00, Good luck!
  6. Why do you continue to call them? It sounds like harassment, however, you are calling them. I would suggest to stop all phone calls. Why get stressed out?
  7. Be brave and stay positive. Shermetta served me at an address I never lived in and got a default judgment. (Only to find out on my credit report...) Anyway, after bank levies, I have filed a complaint to FTC. So, far this quarter, they have not garnished my bank account. Also, depending on the county you are in, there are rules regarding settlement. If you are able to countersue, in case your rights are violated, definitely countersue. You might walk away with a settlement depending on your situation, of course, at the settlement conference. Worth a shot. Shermetta probably has no info
  8. Thank you, Grumpy Gus. I will send out CMRRR by Friday to them. Will keep all posted.
  9. I sent out the first letter to Cap One and U.S. Bank to investigate the account. The response that I received were that I needed to supply my address, phone number , social security number and copy of the credit report reporting the items. Are we required to do so? The account numbers I used were the ones on the credit report. Please help with the second letter. Thank you.
  10. I agree about stating intentions. In fact, how many times have we received letters stating that if we don't pay a certain dollar amount they will sue for damages and potentially garnish the bank accounts...
  11. Lenders view short sales as they would foreclosures. One thing for him to look into is if he was liable for the short fall w/r to the taxes. Did he get 1099'd and have that liability as income?
  12. I have a question about US Bank - I wrote a letter recently to US Bank for foreclosed mortgage and used one of the letters from the CIC bookstore. I provided the account numbers and they respoded: Customer's full name, SSN, current address, phone number, and account number. Should we include that as well if we've provided the account number from the credit report? Thank you.
  13. Did you collect and how long did it take you to collect?