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  1. Just to update: The CA reported to CRAs.I tried to get a PFD and IC (The CA) refused. I did not reach out to the OC. The Collection was removed from all of my credit reports, TU, EX, EF I just disputed with CRA's and they removed them within a matter of days.
  2. Hey there, I actually have an unpaid medical debt in collections as well and I am still working through it at the moment. First, I disputed with the CRA and they were automatically deleted from TU and EQ.
  3. 10 things found in your kid's backpack... 1. Notebook 2. Candy Bar 3. Condoms 4. Half eaten sandwich 5. Gum 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. _______________ (this poster starts the next game)
  4. Congrats, It was removed without you having to pay the debt? Does anyone know if it is possible for the CA to re-add at a later date once it is removed?
  5. I pulled report from the 3 CRAs and not only found fico scores in varying degrees (645-519) but also noted that one of the CRA’s showed that the CA account as closed on one my report; open on the other 2. I don't understand how that happened but should I dispute this anyway or leave this one alone? I really want it completely removed. Also realized in going through my own personal records that the $77 is comprised of 3 separate transaction on three separate dates in early 2010 totaling $25.50 each from the doctor’s office (CA did not indicate this). Does it matter that they have combined the t
  6. shopping addict addict personality
  7. If the credit report does not list the Date of First Delinquency can the entry be deleted? How would I prove that the date listed is wrong?
  8. I have an unpaid collections item on credit report. Is the last "Date Reported" the date from which the SOL starts? If so, the CA in my situation keeps updating that date every few months, is this legal?
  9. Thanks for the advice. I have never received anything from IC Systems in the mail and I don't believe that I have ever gotten a phone call either. Since this is the first time this has happened to me I am unsure of how to proceed. Thanks for the advice thus far. I am going to dispute with CRA and take it from there. There is so much info online and it can get a bit confusing. I also came across a bill that is currently in congress : H.R. 2086: Medical Debt Responsibility Act of 2011 if this passes any medical debt under $2500 in collections whether paid or not will not be on credit reports. Al
  10. Hello, I have been searching this forum for the past few days trying to find a solution to my issue but I have found nothing recent so apologize if anyone feels that this has been discussed already. I got my credit report last week and found that I have 1 account in collections with: I C SYSTEM PO BOX 64378 -SAINT PAUL , MN 55164 -(888) 735-0516 for $77 for the difference of an unpaid medical bill in NY from 2010 that was denied by my insurance company. I have moved since then so I was not on top of the bills that were sent by my doctor. This bill is still not paid. I have no problem paying