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  1. Thankyou for the reply. Looks like the lawsuit is from LVNV Funding(Wells Fargo). Sorry it was from 08 not 80s. Any suggestions for finding an affordable attorney? Since I'm laid off and have the time, I will try and help gather as much info to help.
  2. Hello, Looking for some information. My friend had a wage garnishment come through on this weeks pay. I know it's after the fact, but can an objection be still be filed? They live in NJ and work in PA. The only credit problem they think might be the cause, is a car loan in the 80s. The car was totaled due to an accident and there was a balance remaining. Thanks to this Covid-19 epidemic and being an essential worker, they have very little time to handle any personal matters. Just looking for some information I could pass on. I feel soo awful that this is happening at this time. Thanks so much
  3. Thank you That's what I thought. I know it's way too late but I felt the need to settle the matter and move on with my life. Btw, I tried to get legal help(not a big fan of DIY action). Had a couple of lawyers say in not so many words, "the lawyer fee would be around the judgement amount...not worth it..try to handle it yourself".
  4. Hi, Could anyone tell me what happens at a "turn over" hearing? Short story; default judgement on cc debit in 2010. Law firm has frozen my bank account as of 10/18. Went to court house to see if I could address the old 2010 judgement. Clerk asked if I want to object to levy. I said I wanted the forms to address original complaint, for now. I called the court to see the status. Clerk said "turn over hearing" is on Monday. I didn't want to sound like an idiot by saying "what's a turn over hearing". Could this be the legal process for the law firm to get the funds in my account because I didn't object? I will be going to the hearing on Monday but I just wanted an idea what to expect. Thanks
  5. Forgive this ignorant question. What is the difference between a debt buyer and a debt collection lawyer? Do they both have the same rights to your debt? Does the lawyer 'own' your debt? Just curious. I see the term junk debt buyers used often on this site
  6. Nobk4me- you mentioned possibly removing your employment info from a credit report. How is that done?
  7. Hi, Is there a where to view/find a credit card agreement from 2005-2011? Specifically, GE MONEY BANK/JCP Thanks in advance
  8. 20 years?! Thanks for all the information
  9. Thanks Clydesmom. And do you know how long they can collect on this debt? I think this was a 2011 debt. Maybe 2010
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for info on Wage Garnishment for the state of NEW JERSEY. How does it work? In 2011 there was a judgement filed against our bank accounts. No funds were available. Now they are trying get employment info. We managed to pay off a few of our past debts. This one we just don't have the money . Any useful information is appreciated
  11. Thanks Nrgins,for all the info. I really don't mind mailing payments. The problem with that is a live pay check to pay check. Not enough time to mail the payments out. Hmm..I guess I could ask for a different payment date. How long would I have to "wait it out"? Is there a way I could find out? I have thought about "bankruptcy" ...quite often!! So not trying to get to that point. But it's still an option. I'm kinda clueless in the difference between a CA and JDB. All I know is they are a law firm called Eichenbaum & Styianou, L.L.C.
  12. I know. I really should have closed the BOA account. But it's soo much easier for me to pay bills thru bill pay. Funny thing is,right up until they tried to levy my acct before, i was making payments to the original creditors(JCP-Ge Money)thru billpay. Granted,i was paying $25 here,$40 there but it was something. I really wasn't trying to NOT pay the bill. I didn't even realize the original creditor charged off my acct. Yet they were still collecting my money from bill pay. I think eventually,the only way to get rid of these lawyers is to go to court