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  1. What law did they violate? I thought it was perfectly legal for them to contact you at work. They would have to disclose the details of the account in the VM to be in violation
  2. Yes they are, I was shocked! Did you receive a copy of a dismissal with prejuidce when you walked your payment in?
  3. Well, thanks to this forum I had the confidence to file my Answers and to 'do it my way,' instead of allowing the CA to trample me. For that I will be eternally grateful! What a fabulous community. That being said, I didn't feel confident enough to fight, or morally correct in trying to evade my financial obligation altogether, so I chose to offer a settlement. It was accepted, naturally, as winning a judgement is one thing, but collecting is another ball game indeed. I paid with a cashier's check and received my dismissal with prejudice along with my settlement letter. The eight-hundred pound gorilla is off my back! Successful settlement aside, I thought it was rather strange that while in the law office today, I was seated and my entire case file was slapped down in front of me and left with me to sift through; all the while the paralegal ran around making copies and had the lawyer sign everything. Not only that, but I was left in their conference room, which was littered with hundreds of case files! I could have accessed the sensitive, private information of others easily. I sat there laughing. They had noted all sorts of extreme statements in my file, including one about the fact that someone failed to submit a Certificate of Service, and that 'She knows her stuff, must request media immediately before trial!' After exhausting the case file I turned around to look at the office space, and it was littered with cubicles and people making the same generic phone calls repeatedly. Then there was this horribly grumpy girl in tattered clothing stuffing envelopes, hundreds! My goodness is this country in for it. Everyone and their Mother's in debt, and in default. There are some real characters that work in collections, that's all I'll say- and what a MESS! These "law offices" are simply disorganized, chaotic collection agencies themselves. Thank you, CIF!
  4. I wasn't trying to be "cute," I was trying to protect myself from their one-sided agreement. By signing their original letter, I would have signed away all of my rights to dispute if they made a clerical error and didn't credit my account, etc. Not being able to dispute a judgement if I did remit payment on time is not fair.
  5. By the way, how long do you have to file an opposition to a summary judgement motion?
  6. I removed the waiver of my right to appeal the judgement. So if they try and pull that number I'll furnish the court with proof that I paid them the settlement amount on the day agreed upon
  7. I still don't understand what happened lol It's too hazy to make sense of it. Did you provide them with proof that the check went through fine? Did you have just enough in the account to cover the check? What do you mean they "processed" it? They didn't submit the check to a bank they did an electronic check? So confusing
  8. Update: They were insistant that I sign a consent order. Which I am refusing. DO NOT SIGN CONSENT JUDGEMENTS/ORDERS WHILE IN THE SETTLEMENT PROCESS. Shady SOB's might renig and take you for the full amount.
  9. They dismissed without prejuidce, which means they could come back, or sell the debt and you'll be in the same pickle again, with added fees and interest. Great work though! Keep up the good fight
  10. If you were never properly served or notified of the suit, you have great cause for vacating. You need to contact the court in which this was heard, and get copies of the entire case/all filings.
  11. If you admit to any of the allegations they'll more than likely obtain a judgement. You can deny the allegations without committing perjury, but you need to do so carefully. You need to read this thread for examples:
  12. Did you obtain records of the suit? It sounds like they obtained a judgement.. were you ever served? How old was the 800 dollar debt?
  13. You've provided no details. How old is the debt? Did you make any payments on it? It sounds like they've added immense amounts of interest, incredible fees, etc. If this debt is over 5 years old, that would make sense.
  14. It wasn't "illegal" per se, unless they intentionally served the wrong address. You need to vacate. Get copies of the entire case/all filings and examine them. Then file a dispute, do a search for vacating judgements
  15. What exactly is it? Does the account vanish from your credit report if you pay the entire balance off with PFD? Does it vary by state?
  16. I had my loan with Sallie Mae deferred for an entire calendar year. If you're in trouble financially let them know, ask them for a deferral. Keep in mind that with student loans, they can levy your accounts without informing you that they're intending to take agressive action, and they DO NOT NEED A JUDGEMENT to do so. In other words, it's not a traditional debt.
  17. Are you jealous of them? There's nothing wrong with buying a few toys if you've found yourself in a position to do so. It's not anyone's place to judge. So long as you're a good natured person, what does it matter? What if the owner of that vehicle worked incredibly hard to get where they are financially? Most wealthy people are incredibly charitable anyway.. I have a "wealthy" aunt who has lots of toys- she also started her own non-profit and helps the less-than-privileged in her community a great deal. Quit whining.
  18. Strange, they want their money.. and they won't send a measley letter? If you pay and they don't delete it, you can send proof of payment to the beaureus.. but that may not result in deletion
  19. I also typed up a nice little receipt of my own that I'm going to serve on the courts as well. I'll have whoever takes my check sign it. It basically lists all of my conditions for settling, ie that the amount completely satisfies the account, that it will be reported to the credit beaureus as settled in full, and that I have no further obligations to either party.