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  1. Update...... Not much has changed. The debt is still on EX an EQ. I tried using a free debt repair service called "collection shield 360" 3 months ago. They sent all the letters from their lawyers . Today On their portal they wrote "verified " I'm not sure what that means yet. I haven't called. I called the jdb to check DOLA. They said July 2010. I tried to get a mortgage and was denied from chase and Churchill. They said I won't qualify for an fha due to this debt.
  2. update..... My credit is slowly improving, they were between 680 and 720 on the 3 CRAs a month ago. I havent paid or negotiated at all just waiting for SOL in August I bought a new car 3 months ago and they did about 15 inquiries on my report that hit me about 10 points. Transunion, right now, is my highest and they show no collection or anything about 720. The other 2 still show the collection from the JDB. I applied for a mortgage just to see what they'd say. They didn't really care about the collections because of the age. I got denied because some of my accounts have a note that said "in dispute." I called the 3 CRAs and asked if they could remove the disputes they said OK. I was actually surprised how nice they were. according to credit karma my score dropped 20 points on experian to around 660 after they removed the disputes I havent checked the other 2 yet. Thanks for reading
  3. Hi Guys, Update on this TL I was using kredit karma to check my credit last month, and they have a button that says "dispute online" or something to that affect. I usually send in letters but I didnt want to deal with all that I figured it couldnt hurt. I chose the option "not my acct". Anyways longstory short, i disputed a few thing with Equifax and tranunion, (they dont check Experian). Equifax replied verified but due to delete August 2016 (it didnt have a date before), my score here is around 630. and Transunion Deleted the line, hooray!,........my score was 620 and now 700 on TU. What do you guys think? what should i do next? pretty much everything derogatory on my acct is due to pop off in Aug 2016. thanks O
  4. Last Reported Dec 08, 2015Collection Agency PORTFOLIO RECOVERYOriginal Creditor CHASE BANK USA N AStatus OpenOpened Date Jan 20, 2011Closed Date --Responsibility IndividualBalance $20,354High Balance $20,396Remarks Dispute resolved; customer disagrees Last Reported Jan 16, 2011Creditor Name CHASEAccount Type Flexible Spending Credit CardAccount Status Closed - DerogatoryOpened Date Sep 27, 2005Closed Date Dec 01, 2009Limit $14,200Term --Monthly Payment $0Responsibility IndividualBalance $0Highest Balance $20,395Payment Status Collection/Charge-OffWorst Payment Status UnknownDate of Last Payment Jul 04, 2010Amount Past Due $0Times 30/60/90 Days Late 0/0/0Remarks Payment after charge off/collection Purchased by another lender just wanted to update my progress with this. I havent done anything with the accounts at all since last posted. it took me a while to find the date of last payment but it is July 2010
  5. SOL is 4 years in TX. The CA told me they will not sue. The CBs relort for around 7 to 7.5 yrs As of today nothing has changed. I havent called them back or anything. They havent respi5nded to.my offer of $1000 sent by cmrr When i called them to sertle They told me that they will have the contract with the agreement available through their website and that they would update the trade line on my CR. But i didnt ask if they would PFD. I'm leaning towrads just waiting it out and not mess with the sleeping dragon. Im thinking of sending more letters to the CBs and forcing them to delete some how. But I'm still not sure what route to take with them. Ill update as i go through. Thank you all for your input so far.
  6. Im on year 5 out of 7 for my SOL. I've already done debt validation with the CA and the CB, everything came back verified. The OC has it listed as a charge off. the CA already told me that they will not sue me. I really don't want to wait 2 more years.
  7. Hi, im from TX. I've got a $20K cc debt with a JDB portfolio recovery a$$. I called them to see what they would take and they are offereing $8000. I've got about another 2 years before it automatically comes of my CR. I told them no. They asked me to counter and I told them $750 that's about 4 cents/dollar. They said no and asked me to counter. I told them that's all I have. they told me to get more money and to call back. What should I do. thanks Omeed
  8. all 3 bureaus came back verified on the debt I did call PRA today to see what they would say. I offered them $500.00 they said they would not entertain my offer. They want 12K then the manager came on and said around $8000. I told them I cant go more than $1000. They said no and to offer them a better deal. I said I cant. They begged for more and I said I cant. And basically ended the call. They were nice, but they are sharks. I still haven't gotten a response from my original settlement letter.
  9. Im still waiting for an answer from them, but they did send me another seperate letter validating the debt. What is the normal response time for a negotiation response?
  10. Thanks guys I sent them a letter asking for $1000 to settle. I hope this works. I'll try to keep a log and let you all know
  11. thanks guys, I think whats confusing about your statement, Tom, is that you said if i pay ANYTHING then SOL will restart. I agree with you on that point that I will not make payments but I cannot wait 2 more years also. But I also like what Clydesmom is saying to settle in full for a lower amount and cover my bases with a proper letter. Would it be really bad if I low balled them at $500? since the debt is so old and reaching its 6th yr on the CR? Can I bring up the point that they stated in the DV letter that they cannot sue me any more so it is in their interests to get something?
  12. of course! How much would you shoot for? well, crap. I already have the inquiries showing from the banks. The bank told me to clean up that one debt and i should be good to go with them for the loan. Also, please one last question. I'm still not clear as why I cant dispute the fact that the CC bill is not the same as what CA want to get from me. Im assuming the difference is collection fees and interests, but they didnt send me that information as to why there's a $5000 discrepancy. Thanks for the quick replies
  13. Hi, I live in Texas, and have a credit card debt with chase showing in collection with portfolio recovery a$$. for $21000 on my CR. The debt is about 5 years old and Id like to get rid of it as it is holding me back on getting a mortgage. I sent a debt validation letter asking them to prove i owe the debt, how it was calculated and if they are allowed to collect. they sent me a letter stating, so they attached 3 credit card statement from chase that show 10-2009, balance of $14500 11-2009, balance of $15500 01-2010 balance $16000 So they didn't really validate anything correct? They didn't answer any of my requests and they are attempting to collect $21000 and the final statement they sent only shows $16000. What do i do? they flow chart says to settle? but I dont think i need to do that yet thanks guys for the help
  14. Hello all, I received 4 collection letters from AIC, allied international credit corp, for 4 private student loans with keybank. The total for them is approx $100K date of last activity is 2009, i am in texas. SOL is 4 years here. What should I do next. Should I validate all 4? Do you think they will negotiate the debt? Thanks! O
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