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  1. I just filled out the MC-010 and filed it with the clerk. The JDB sent me a check a few weeks later for my costs. Pretty easy to fill out, I included all my postage fees etc as well.
  2. Thanks CALAWYER! Your advice has rteally helped me thru the case and I have looked at your posts hours on end since last year!!
  3. WTF! I just got a check in the mail today from the law firm for 100% of my fees I submitted to the courts. What gives? I am scared to cash this thing! Its almost like they have something else up their sleeves. I was going to negotiate for a Dismissal with Prejudice. I dont even want to cash this check. Do I claim a victory here?
  4. BUMP to see if anyone has info on my previous post about the timeframe to file judgement. Thanks!
  5. Filed my MC-010. It shows up on the court summary now also:) I also sent the law firm a copy. I believe my next step is prepare my judgement on a JUD-100? I have to wait 20 (or 30)???? days for objection from JDB. Anyone know specifics on this? Making head way!
  6. I just filled out my MC-010 for my fees. Even though I am past the 15 days by like 2 days (ON time if it only includes court days, no weekends), I will see the clerk first thing in morning and plead my case. I was never sent the dismissal either from the court of the idiots at the JDB. Im sure thats part of their tactics. I have close to $1,000 in fees, would be nice to get back or even a judgment on them to bargain for the DWP.!
  7. Thanks Rikki. Yes it was all BS and I think I need to figure out how to start a suit. Would I go small claims or CiviL? Here we go again:)
  8. 08/16/2011 DISMISSAL WITHOUT PREJUDICE FILED FOR THE ENTIRE ACTION AS TO ALL DEFENDANT(S) AND ALL CAUSES OF ACTION(S). Thank you to EVERYONE who has posted on my topic and everyones advice on here for my long road to a dismissal. I sent my BOP reminder letter last week, and it looks like someone finally wisened up and realized they had NOTHING!. Im seriously considering a FDCPA lawsuit now for their tactics. Where do i start!
  9. Thanks 1st step. Will save that for when I file Motion to Compel.
  10. Thanks Scientific, Will draft that up. Sending out the BOP reminder letter today with a CMRR. Do I need to file the BOP, Reminder Letter with the Clerk of Court? Thanks!
  11. Never responded to Request for Production, and I have not sent a meet and confer letter yet. SHould I do that after the BOP follow up? Thanks Scientific.
  12. BOP Sent on August 10th. Still no response. My next steps are a BOP reminder letter with a 10 day deadline, sent CMRR, and start drafting up my Motion To Compel and Exlude the BOP. Does this sound right? Thanks guys!
  13. Thanks Rikkivs for the Reply and Encouragement! Every bit helps. Here is the BOP i just drafted up on Legeal Pleading Paper. Please anyone comment on how it looks? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ TO PLAINTIFF, HSBC BANK NEVADA, N.A., AND THEIR ATTORNEY OF RECORD: XXXXXXX, DEMAND IS HEREBY MADE UPON YOU pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure § 454, to furnish to defendant XXXXXXX, within ten days hereafter, a Bill of particulars setting forth all items and details of the account on which the cause of action for money lent or paid of plaintiff's complaint is based to include: an agreement and/or contract of said account, date of each transaction on the said account, the price or charge made of each item, all payments or credits that have been made to the account, a detailed account of how plaintiff calculated the amount owed, the contract assigning the account to the plaintiff and plaintiff’s attorney, and any agreement assigning the account at issue to the plaintiff.
  14. Thanks Scientific. I like those ideas, and thats exactly what I was thinking of doing. Now I just need to do my homework on the Samples of BOP's and Meet and Cfnfer letters:cool: