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  1. (3 of 3) I obviously do not believe this should have been a debt that needed to be ‘discharged’ to begin with. My question to everyone more knowledgeable than myself is, “Is this enough information to follow up and threaten to sue Wachovia/ChexSystems?”. While winning a case and the money would be nice, my ultimate goal is to remove the negative status and I DEFINITELY do not want to volunteer the Bankruptcy to ChexSystems. If anyone needs more info, please just let me know. Many thanks in advance for all of you out there and thanks for reading this long chain. and sorry for the bad URLs, as I am not able to submit legitimate links or pictures yet.
  2. (2 of 3) Wachovia was even more interesting. After asking them for more information, they sent me a letter which stated “Enclosed please find the information you requested on the above account” with no other papers in the envelope. I ran around, finally contacted Wachovia to request the “kind of documentation” they have to prove my negative remarks. Nies (the Wachovia representative) said that they no longer had my account, but that it was turned over to RJM Acquisitions. I was very clear with Nies and he did state [we] “..really don’t keep a record of your statement..”. Regardless, I did call RHM Acquisitions. The representative (David) stated that RJM ONLY reports to the big three and that they did not report to ChexSystems and that this account was charged off in a bankruptcy (which I did file for and received about 2008 or 2009). Furthermore, David said that RHM had contacted Wachovia’s corporate recovery department and it was Wachovia’s responsibility to fix it. http :// lionmoney. com/erik/Wachovia.png
  3. (1 of 3) ChexSystems reporting inaccurate information. Hello everyone. I have a few questions on how to go about disputing a mark on my credit report showing up on ChexSystems. However, first some background… I closed an account with Wachovia back in 2009 (now merged with Wells Fargo) due to a misunderstanding. Suffice to say that I had spoken to a representative and was explicit in the fact that I did not want any negative repercussions on my account from canceling it. Anyway, the result was an overdraft that Wachovia say’s I am responsible for. This created the negative mark in ChexSystems. I disputed with ChexSystems back in late summer 2010. I did not follow back up with the dispute until July of this year, where I am determined to see this through. Following the advice from the page http : // www .]Disputing With Original Creditor - 623 Method, Request Investigation, Remove Negative Information , I mistakenly did send out a reply to both Wachovia and ChexSystems at the same time (while the page states dispute with CS 1st). While I did not ‘dispute’ with Wachovia, I did ask them for more information (i.e. I did not say ‘dispute’ nor ‘investigate’). Now comes the annoying part. I received a reply from ChexSystems that the account was verified. Furthermore, they wrote the following (annotated). You also requested that ChexSystems provide you with a description of the procedure used to determine the accuracy of the disputed information that ChexSystems previously investigated. The procedure used is outlined as follows: When ChexSystems became aware of the possible discrepancy, we contacted Wachovia Bank, A Division of WFBNA to request that they investigate the accuracy of the information they reported to us. The source of the information then reported the results of their investigation to ChexSystems. Also, your recent correspondence included a request for a copy of the information submitted to Wachovia Bank, a Division of WFBNA by ChexSystems, to verify the accuracy and completeness of the disputed information contained on our files. Please be informed that it is not our current practice to release copies of that information to consumers. http :// lionmoney. com/erik/CS.png
  4. i.e. thanks to everyone who responded, regardless of how late it is. Much appreciated.
  5. Thank you everyone for reading this, first and foremost. I have checked the forums and run a few searches, but found nothing on the above topic. Specifically, I would like to know if there is any type of language that I should use when disputing the accuracy of information on my credit report (such as wrong address, incorrect name, amount, etc.). While I have had several items fall off of Equifax this way, TransUnion and Experian seem to be much more happy to 'update' the information and not remove. I do specifically state that I would like to have the information "deleted" and not "updated". Is there something I am missing? Thanks in advance everyone.