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  1. That sounds like a plan. So, just a one line letter, "Please do not contact me again." ? No need to include any explanation?
  2. This happened 9 years ago, and I was involved in 4 separate cases at one time, so I'm going by what I remember and what I have written down, but yes, they submitted stip dismissal that got signed by the judge before I was even notified, in fact, I had to call the courthouse because the hearing was cancelled(which I only found out by looking at the court docket online), the clerk or secretary then verbally told me about the stip dismissal and that I would get a copy in the mail. Which I did a few days later. My MTD was apparently ignored and discarded as I never heard anything else about it. M
  3. I found some of the info from this case from 2011 that went into 2012, I requested arbitration with JAMS, paid my fee and CACH did not. I submitted MTD w/prej to court, they at the same time, submitted Stip dismissal w/o prej, which is the order that got signed, I didn't even have a chance to do anything about it. I was happy it was dismissed at the time and then JAMS closed their case due to non-payment of their fee. Does any of this make a difference in what, if anything, I should do about this?
  4. It was not pending for more than a few months, so this falls under Sol. Should I send them anything back at this point, or just wait to see what they try?
  5. The fact that this was most likely a previously filed suit doesn't matter then? It was dismissed but without prejudice. I should add, I believe this was one that I requested arbitration and filed with JAMS.
  6. I just noticed, the commission of the notary expires before the it was supposedly signed! Obviously this was tampered with!! Or is it supposed to be a 12 like it appears to be above? These people are shady as #%*+!
  7. So, I received their verification, 1. a letter stating, "before we proceed with collection we would like to hear from you to resolve...", 2. an affadavit from someone at hsbc (which is BS, looks like dates were changed from 12-2-11 to 12-2-13), and 3. copies of some bills from an HSBC credit card from 2010. I do think this is a card I was sued on in 2011 and motioned to arbitration, which I do believe was dismissed. Without prejudice I think. I have to dig out my paperwork from a box in a closet somewhere to see for sure. What now? Wait for them to sue? I think they are out of line here but I
  8. Thank you, I do have the letter down to one line and did include the word "alleged". I'll let you all know what happens! Thanks
  9. Thank you. I'll just ask for validation first and see what they send. I'm sure I'll be back on here after I hear back from them.
  10. Yes, should I include that? Or just cut that whole second paragraph?
  11. So, I could just add at the end of the first line "and request validation of this debt", and then instead of the second paragraph just include the last line maybe?
  12. Is this ok? Re: Your file #22809 To Whom It May Concern: In regards to the letter I received 12-10-18, I dispute the validity of this debt in its entirety. Furthermore, according to the charge off date of 10/31/2010, included in your letter, the communication is beyond the statute of limitations and would not be pursuable. Any further action will be a violation of debt collection practices and will be handled with all remedies available to me in regards to current consumer protection laws. Sincerely,
  13. You don't think it would be wise to send them a letter stating I dispute the validity of the debt and also ask for cease and desist due to SOL, in hopes they would just give up?
  14. I have not made any payments and no the letter does not say anything about the age of the debt.