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  1. Midland's attorney sent their interoggatories, request for production and request of admissions by first class mail (I think) without a signature card, just received in my mailbox. The documents are dated on the 7th of November, but I didn't receive them until somewhere around the 14th-16th. I have 30 days from the date of service (or receiving the envelope). I thought that I had another week because of the actual date that I received the docs, but now I can't find the envelope that they came in. I probably threw it away with the junkmail. Now I'm worried that the attorney is going to claim t
  2. I'm sure you all know this, and I might have missed the info in the thread; but you do know that not only did WAMU aquire Providian, but Chase then aquired WAMU a few years back. I think I have the explanation above correct...? Just thought I'd share. I'm defending from Midland on a Chase credit card account. : )
  3. I already have another topic open, so please let me know if I should consolidate, but I was hoping for a quick answer to this question so I know what I should be doing as far as interrogatories and such. The court clerk told me today that the Judge denied Midland Funding/attorney's request for pretrial conference. She said that it was due to no evidence of somthing...I think maybe no evidence that a pretrial conference will be needed? The clerk was very vague and didn't wan to be too helpful. I'm assuming that the judge is already picking apart their case...or, the case is so clear-cut that i
  4. BV- No, I did not admit to it because I had no idea what they claimed I owed $$ and I hadnever heard of Midland Funding. In non-legal jargon (I don't have the document here right now), however I did answer it in legaleze : basically I can not admit or deny as I have never heard of Midland, I do not have the resources to know what debt they are talking about, as they did not provide me with any proof whatsoever.
  5. Thank you soooo much guys! Great ideas. Obviously you look at them as I do: IDIOTS! Luckily I did study pre law in college; unfortunately I didn't study business law. So I guess the biggest issue for me now is: I did have the Chase card, but since it was 4 years ago I wanted verification so I didn't give any info, just requested docs proving it. So I need to be honest about the having the card, making payments, etc. So is this irrelevant since Midland does not have an agreement with me or doc to bring in court? I know I have a good legal stance, but does this ruin my chances? I don't see how
  6. I know VERY long! I can't let these guys win! These docs are a little amusing. After reading through all of this it seems as if they are going around and around asking the same questions, hoping that they confuse me so that I answer the questions wrong or accidently admit to something. I think that using the resources on this board had helped me to show them that I know a little about what I am talking about so they are trying to confuse me. Received Plaintiff's first set of interrogatories, request for production of documents and request for admission to the defendant. This is in accordance
  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you Seadragon & BV80... I was thinking along those lines (in your answers), but didn't know how to lay them out. This question is probably obvious...but do I include my affirmative defenses below the answers in this same document? And lastly, the collection calls stopped after I sent the attorney/collector debt verification request. After they sent me back a copy of my OC (Chase) statement, the calls have come back to twice per day. It was my understanding that the only contact that they could make now is to let me know that they are taking legal action. Obvio
  8. Hi all, I know some of you are so talented with answering these complaints, so I'm just hoping to get some help so I can get it filed soon. I'm having real issues with my son who has autism, and therefore I am close to my breaking point. My summons/complaint seems fairly simple, but I'm not sure how to answer the questions. Am I to answer the claims under"Chronology of Events?" I did open and use the Chase credit card, so I assume that I will admit to this fact. I had no knowledge of the account being purchased by Midland Funding, therefore I assume I deny everything after that. If anyone co
  9. I'm in Utah- The attorney that is representing Midland Funding first sent a "courtesy letter" stating that I owe $16,715.60, as Midland purchased my original debt from Chase. I sent in a debt verification request asking for all of the docs that some on this forum advise. About a month later they sent me back a copy of my Chase credit card statement and a page of the fine print. The date of the statement was Dec of 2009 with the amount owed of $14,659.29. There was nothing in the fine print that said my debt could be sold or transfered. I got the summons last week which stated that I owed the
  10. The first letter I got from Midland's attorney claimed I owed over $16,000 for an old debt that was charged off by Chase. In the summons and on the Chase statement they sent for my debt validation, the debt amount is just over $14,000 (please see below), is this legal? I have no idea how to anser this summons. Could someone just give me a rough idea if anything? Thanks everyone. In the Third District Court, Park City Department in and for Summit County, State of Utah. Midland Funding v. Anotherday Gone Plaintiff Midland Funding LLC, by and throught the undersigned counsel, alleges and compla