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  1. KentWA-- Interesting idea. What I find weird is that they sent a payment reduction offer as if the lawsuit never happened--as was suggested, they are not the brightest bulbs to begin with, so it would make sense I guess. In addition, I DV'ed them prior to any warrant for the first trial (assuming they will proceed with a second--I hope!!) so I'm unsure if the DV is justified in this case, or redundant? I'm going to call an attorney Monday morning, specifically JJ, who is previously mentioned above in this thread. Can't hurt to get an opinion, and if all of you are correct, they will be licking their chops to get on the case, so it won't be costing me anything. I will post any suggestions I receive. If anyone has any burning questions/suggestions for the atty, please post here and I will get answers for you. Not too often one can call an attorney and not have to pay through the nose to get a response!! A friend is suggesting they are just fishing to see if I will pay any amount, but those dummies don't realize they are playing with fire here. I am a CIC informed individual who will not be intimidated! If I could reach every person who went through what I did and could tell them to do their due diligence here on this forum and not let these boneheads beat you down...I would tell them not to give up hope--YOU CAN WIN!!!
  2. BV80: That is an excellent point re the cell phone calls. I never gave them my cell no., but it is available to them should they pull a CR. I'll ask the attorney as well. In addition, it's always good advice for others who might be in the same boat. I heard somewhere that Texas is a state that allows you to record conversations without notifying the recording party (maybe read that somewhere here on CIC?--will have to do some research unless someone knows the answer on this thread.) In any case, I'm going to get my cell phone recorder ready. ha! I wholeheartly agree.
  3. SanTanStan, You must have been a cat in a former life. My former cat used to bat bugs around before going in for the kill. Yeah, I might just hang for awhile and amuse myself. If they decide to go all the way and take me to court...BAM! How great would that be? LOL Never thought I would ever think this way, but these JDBs are warts on the universe. Thanks again.
  4. He is a she, BTW. Not critical however. And yeah, hmmmm ... lasagna!! I think if you all are saying there is an FDCPA violation here I'm going to be able to stick it back to these cretins. I'm a DIY person normally, but I can imagine that an attorney might think of a few more possibilities than I can come up with. That is, unless someone here has a brilliant formula to offer...
  5. Thank you all for your great replies and speedy at that. I'm starting to drool over the thought of that Lasagna about now by the way Bruno... I would also relish suing the pants off this lawfirm (and their really bad shoes!) (okay, sorry for the superfluous commentary, but it is true. I kept myself very amused in the court hallway on the day of my trial.) I need to clarify in case it wasn't understood that I have not YET been sued, just received a debt collection notice with a reduced payment offer. I know how this firm operates, having been through this before, and I should be receiving a few more of these before they file a warrant. I'm just trying to head this off at the pass. It felt like they were wrong, but I just wasn't exactly sure. Thanks BrunoTheJDBkiller for the JJ reference and SanStanTan for the backup. I will certainly be giving his office a call to see what can be done at this point, or whether I have to wait until I am finally served. Thanks KentWA for the Texas code link. I have read this once before, but just didn't think to go there for this circumstance. I can see where an attorney can whip up a few good pointers to stick it to these morons. I will check out Res Judicata to save for the rainy day that may be coming. CIC is a life-saver! I went from despair to clear with all your advice! I really appreciate you all taking the time...
  6. I was sued by Hosto & Buchan in Tennessee & the final court date was Feb. last year. After reading the forums here (thank you everyone) I WON the case WITH prejudice. I moved to Texas and just received a debt collection notice from the same firm for the same debt. Is my win in Tennessee honored in Texas? Can this same firm come after me here? Do I need to seek attorney's assistance, or is there a basic form letter I can send these momos stating that their first attempt was tried and they lost? and, if so, can I sue them for harassment? I didn't post my case info since I didn't think it necessary, but will do if need be. Any advice would be helpful.