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  1. I am planning on getting a secured credit card. Which one should I get? I was looking at Applied Bank Gold card or Academy Bank. Can anyone offer feedback on either of these? regards, Stuck
  2. Do DV letters tend to trigger lawsuits?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I just read "Hidden Credit Repair Secrets" The book was a version of what you can find here with sample letters. It was written well and laid out nicely. But for the money I could easily find the info here for free. From waht I have read I should do DV letters to them all, at least that is my understanding. Would you mind sharing one of your DV and PFD letters with me? Minus the private info, of course. Thanks......
  4. Would they still be required to validate even after the 30 days is up?
  5. About 6 months ago I fell on hard times and have about 5 CC's in collection. Can I ask for debt validation. They have been mailing and calling me longer than 30 days. Does this mean that I can't request validation? I just don't understand the 30 day rule. I can't tell if it is when they first contact me or if it is when I make contact requesting it.
  6. I just joined the site today. I have read quite a bit and I am unsure where to start. I wenty to and got my CR's. I have about 7 negatives on my reports. Long story short we fell into a hole and could not make payments on our CC's. They have been delinquent for 6-8 months and most are charged off. Nearly all have been moved on to CA's, but not all. Most cards are in the 500 - 3000 dollar range. I have alot of collectors calling me at home and a few at work. 2 of them have contacted my sister regarding my whereabouts. Needless to say I am embarassed by the calls. I really want to start cleaning this mess I made up so I ordered two books from Amazon that had gotten good reviews. they were; 1. Negotiate and Settle Your Debts: A Debt Settlement Strategy 2. Hidden Credit Repair Secrets My questions: 1. Are these books worthwhile? Has anyone read them and had any success? 2. WHo should I be contatcing first? I can't realistically settle them all right away. 3. How can I stop the phone calls to my job? Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Stuck