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  1. Sounds simple enough, can they sell this to someone else? I'd rather not chase this "greased pig" for the next decade
  2. I have wated a while,but now the old debt from my past has dropped from my CR; however, the CA's continue to call. Some of this debt is more than 15 years old and has probably morphed into something that looks nothing like the original. How do I get these guys to stop calling?
  3. Gus, Thanks for the info. I've been trying to figure out how each of the TLs can differ so much between CRAs. Even if I wanted to PFD I'm not sure who to pay, since some of the TLs are duplicates of the same account. As far as SOL, some of these accounts were in different states due to my time in the military, so I'm not sure which "clock" to use. As they are starting to fall off on their own I'd like to let sleeping dogs lie, but since I'll be finishing school next year and interviewing I'd like to start with a "clean slate". The longest of these "clocks" is almost out of sand, so I take it that is why they're falling off. Yes, Experian doesn't mention a status of some of the TLs (how long they will be reported), not sure why. Maybe due to the type of account?
  4. Hello, I wanted to say hello to everyone in the forum. This is my first post to the forum, seeing that I thought I'd never need the assistance, but who really does? I've been researching my credit situation and have come up with a strategy that I'd like some feedback on: I pulled my credit report from the reporting agencies and it's not too bad, but bad enough. The breakdown goes like this: Experian: 1 60 day late, 4 collection, 3 charge off Trans Union: 1 60 day late, 9 collection, 2 charge off Equifax: 1 60 day late, 5 collection, 3 charge off On Experian the 3 charge offs account for 3 of the 4 collection. On Trans Union, 1 of the 9 collections are charge offs. On Equifax, 2 of the 5 collections are charge offs. According to Experian, anticipated collections will be removed Oct 2011, Dec 2011, Apr 2012, Sep 2012; anticipated charge offs will be removed Oct 2011, Nov 2012. One of the charge offs has no date reflected. According to Trans Union, anticipated collections will be removed Jul 2011, Jul 2011, Jul 2011, Nov 2011, Dec 2011, Feb 2012, Mar 2012, May 2012, Jun 2012, Nov 2012; anticipated charge offs will be removed Jan 2012, Feb 2012. Equifax shows no anticipated removals. My intention is to debt validate the collections and dispute the late payments and charge offs. I anticipate by some of the dates mentioned that some of these will fall off by themselves, but for others I have to be proactive. I had to go back to school after losing my job (major part of the problem) and would like to have a number of these resolved before I start interviewing next year. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.
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