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  1. 7 1/2? Has something changed? Everything I've read is 7. Even the Experian site said 7.
  2. My BK7 was filed Dec. 2012, discharged Mar. 2011. I'm looking at my file and I see several tradelines showing lates from Jan. 2008 and no more payments after, just my Included in BK in 2011. Will these fall off in Jan?
  3. Sorry wrong forum.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I am not hugely concerned at this point about how much the money will cost me via APR but more focused on the actual loan. I know that a credit reporting mortgage will increase my score higher. I am confident that I will pay off the loan within 5 years no matter the terms are as long as there is no early payoff penalty. Please pm me your personal contact info so we can do business in the future (about 2 years or less).
  5. I'm confused by your reply. You pulled a lot of assumptions from my post. Just because I have very few posts doesn't mean I have no knowledge of my own person credit scores and what is listed on those reports or how I plan to get those numbers up and usable. I don't need that kind of advice. What I'm looking for is somebody that has experience with home equity loans and low scores and/or has a broker referral. And in case I wasn't clear. My house will be completely paid off in 2 years after only a 5 year term. That doesn't sound unstable or unsound to me. Like I said, I want to pull the equity out (in two years) and purchase a second investment home for cash and then pay off the equity loan in about 5 years and do it again with both homes, never having more than 50% of my homes with a mortgage. That sounds pretty sound to me with a solid foundation. So does anybody know of any resources I could look into so that I can have a clear plan of action (IN TWO YEARS).
  6. Hello. I have bad credit but it's on it's way back up. Just under 600 on all three (BK). I bought an owner finance house and I am 3 years into a 5 year deal. At the end of the contract I want to pull the equity out and buy another multi family home with the cash (this is a two family). And I would like advice on how or where to go. I expect my credit to make it close to 700 or possibly into the 700's by then. The house will likely appraise around $30000-$35000, so it's not much. Can a dude like me find this loan? I'm trying to get my rental portfolio going. BTW, I would be interested in hearing from brokers if they think they could find me a loan that works. Thanks for the replies.
  7. I was thinking that I want to go at this once again. Start the process over but dispute some other portion of the report like date, address etc. whatever. Because all I really want is the removal from chexsystems as it is preventing me from obtaining a local credit union account. I want one so I can do some secured credit to help build my credit quickly. Thoughts?
  8. Probably?!! Please, somebody from NY that actually knows the answer reply? No offense intended.
  9. I'm asking about the trade lines. Not the bankruptcy itself.
  10. Hello. I have a question for those that are privy to the New York CRA reporting laws. If you are from NY you may already know that paid negatives only report for 5 years whereas unpaid negatives report for 7 like all the other states. My question is this: Does the "included in BK" trade line fall under the 5 or 7 year rule? I ask that those that actually know please respond. I would hate for this thread to get bogged down with theories and half truths. Thank you in advance, your reply is much appreciated!
  11. Original dispute was through chexsystems as not mine. The legal claim was for fcra 623 (3)
  12. Okay, got the paperwork to do the appeal. However I learned something new today. I am like many folks out there that believed the appeal was a review of all the evidence and could get a different verdict. I also leanred that 99% or more appeals end up with no overturning of the original verdict (this small claims court anyway). I also found out that in addition to the filing fee, there is another fee that they charge you where you need to convert the written recording of the trial onto cd, and you pay the person to do this. And it could get into hundreds of dollars if there is lots of dialog, which is true in my case. Ugh. So based on the information I've provided, any lawyer types have any suggestions? Should I just drop it? My take on what happened in court was the judge thought I was disputing the information to get them to not mark the report, which is true. That is what my study of imformation told me what to do. File against them for what violated, not the dispute portion. And that was what the judge dismissed for, because he got me to say my case was based on the notation and that I wasn't disputing the tradeline, which it was. I feel I have a chance but I'd hate to lose money over an obvious losing case...
  13. Okay I see that I might be able to appeal. Anybody have any tips on the verbiage or process? I do know I need to appeal based on mishandling or misconduct of the court or process. I firmly believe he ignored the law and didn't understand completely that the bank was required by law to provide a notation on my account that it was disputed by me even though I supplied the law and documentation proving such. However he choose to ignore that and focus on whether or not I was in court because I was felt there was some discrepancies to my report. It was my understanding that, that portion of my claim was irrelevant and the law that I cited was my reason for the claim. Does this sound plausible? If I get the descion striken, can I move my case to federal to avoid this type of thing happening again? Thank you to all of you that reply! I need your help!
  14. What about appeal? Can I do that? Then I could provide case law. I had this bank right where I wanted them and this judge ruined it! I'm angry. Can I appeal? I need something, I can't go down like this I had it in the bag! Anybody?
  15. Yes it says the above captioned matter has been dismissed after bench trial with judge.... no reasoning given. So thats true? I can't file in federal now?