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  1. I'm trying to find the DOS for the older ones but from what I can see with ones that are 3-4 years old, the DOS was 8 months prior to the reporting date. So what I can figure the largest ones $2,800 and $1,100 have a DOS around 11-2015. These are all with IHC. I was insured but with a high deductible plan.
  2. I checked a couple of the line items and it looks like the date reported by the CA is about 8 months after the date of service by the OC. So it looks like some of them are SOL it is based on date of service date.
  3. They list all line items in one letter, with the total. Should I try and negotiate by line item? Would I be better talking with the OC? Thanks
  4. They have been calling of late but they asked for my SS#. I said I don't give that to random callers. They said to call the OC.
  5. I have over $10,000 in various medical debts now with IC Systems. Two of the largest, over half will be past the collection statute of limitations in six months. I would like to start making a settlement with them but should I wait until the two large debts are past the SOL? Or just make a lower offer on all now? What will help my credit the most? Thanks
  6. See if the court has legal aide or the clerks can answer the questions, sometimes they do help.
  7. His goal is to pay it off but he needs a couple months to be in a position to do so. This was from November of 2017, I would think he has a little time as long as he is in talks, correct or no?
  8. I think it is actually the DAs office. He did assume the funds were there but his Ex emptied the account. The mechanic had said he was going to work with him and hold off on the check but his ex changed the forwarding order and he never received any correspondence (she did the same with his phone). I would think they would take payments, obviously people in this position don't have money.
  9. A friend bounced a large check to a mechanic (over $2k), he had moved due to a divorce and the mail was not forwarded. Now the DA office (I assume a collection firm which are able to use their letterhead) sent a ":RE Notice of pending arrest and warrant". He called and they demanded payment in full or a warrant would be issued. He was able to delay a little but he is rather worried. Is the option of DV on the table? All they sent was a letter with the amount listed and Payee. Any advice is appriciated.
  10. I am not sure about this but if you do need to provide anything, not sure if you do. You can motion to request more time being a pro se.
  11. Up a few posts Hades01 spelled out the order. Send the election order and them make the motion asap.
  12. I would still push for Private Arbitration per the contract.
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