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  1. Is it really worth me pursuing here? I am considering going to see my attorney on the matter, but I sort of fear brining the whole thing back up, in case they actually have some case that I don't know about.
  2. Excellent advice, I learned my lesson to not let something sit though, and thank God for the help that you guys provided me (even though I didn't use it) that allowed me to go in there with more confidence. I will at least prepare myself for a stronger defense in the future, but I'm not sure if I should go after them, I fear any potential backlash that might arise. I have been sued once before (over something petty, not related to finances) and I won in appeals. And I'm suing a former client for non-payment on their contract and I have an attorney that is taking that on contingency.
  3. Sorry, that post was from my I-Phone, so I didn't go into details yet. I showed up, and the suit is fairly old (18 months), when I got there, the opposing attorney asked for a continuance (not sure why), and the judge denied it. So the opposing attorney dismissed it without pre-judice. I don't know if this means they are going to re-file, or why the opposing attorney backed off so easily. Any ideas? I was prepared and ready to fight, copy of my credit report, check written, proof they are not registered in the state etc in my hands, but no chance to show any of it (which is a good thing).
  4. My credit report even shows that we paid the account off in May, 2009.
  5. Thank you Linda, you have been a wonderful help, I really appreciate your responses.
  6. I too am curious about this. I would assume you could, but I would like someone who knows more to discuss, because I really don't know.
  7. I am happy I joined this forum, I have learned so much in the last 12 hours it's unbelievable. I'll keep reading on, please keep posting
  8. So this is my plan, at this point. I will dispute their ability to even file a lawsuit since they are not registered with our secretary of state. I will also say that the debt is invalid, and show proof of payment on the debt from 2006 including the letter that was sent asking the account to be closed (I have a copy of the cleared check). And then I will turn in a copy of the letter of demand that I did write, in March of 2010 shortly after receiving my summons (my father was still alive at that time, and was helping me be on top of this case then). They never responded to this letter. I su
  9. Since our marriage, we have filed everything together, I even changed the title on my house to include my spouse, I don't own anything personally by myself, it is all owned jointly. Would that protect my assets?
  10. Thank you for your response. I have not been supplied anything, but I'm not positive what they have supplied the court and I have not filed any defense specifically.
  11. I might also add, I was single when this debt was created, but now I am married, and everything in my name (house, cars, all assets) are in our mutual names. Does that protect them from a judgment? As well, all my income is from a personally owned LLC, I don't have any paychecks to have garnished.
  12. I appreciate your response, this is certainly a last minute thing by me, major mistake. What does JDB stand for? Where would I find this information online to help me understand these procedural information? I have a copy of the check, but I'm not sure if that is even enough evidence by itself.
  13. I have also noticed that they are not listed as a company on our secretary of states website Can I just print this page and hand it to the judge and ask for a motion of dismissal, since our state says Would that be enough of a defense to get this possibly dismissed? They are registered out of Minnesota Their attorney is out of Missouri though, so does that even matter at all? (I would have posted links, but it says I have to have 20 posts first) I also sent a letter asking for proof of the debt, but they never sent me anything, when I have tried to call, nobody ever answers or returns my phon