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  1. We had our house foreclosed and it finalized in August of 2015 (state of KY). After a major clean-up of our report (also used LexLaw) I was able to get all addresses but our current address (state of CO) deleted. Today I noticed that the trade line for our mortgage company states "foreclosed" only on TU - EX and EQ just stated delinquent by 4 months (or something to that affect). Plus, there is no public record on the CR. My question is: How could I proceed to get the trade line removed for the mortgage company so there is no foreclosure showing on the report? Yes, we did have t
  2. Furnishers? Is that the OC or the JDB (Midland, LVNV)? Sorry... still learning the lingo
  3. Super, thanks! I will send LVNV and Midland letters CMRRR and play dumb. To be honest, I only remember one of these little cc's, but all of them are past the 5 years at this point. I may look into an attorney to fight the lien--right now I only have a notice of Lis Pendens that was mailed stating they filed for it in the county court. Thanks again for the advice! (Just a side note: I truly hate the state of Kentucky when it comes to credit/collections, they have the worst SOLs of any state... seriously stinks. Glad I'm moving in 4 months!)
  4. O.k., did some further research so I am rewording my questions: I have about 8 negative TLs on my CRAs that are with Midland or LVNV that are all due to drop-off between March and August of 2015 (per my TU CRA), since these accounts were have a DOFD of 2008 and the SOL in the state of Kentucky for "open ended" accounts is 5 years, does that mean these accounts are no longer collectible? For instance: One is an old credit card with $450 balance that is now with LVNV Funding--DOFD is 5/2008, DOMD is 2009--I realize this will be on my CR until about 5/2015 (according to my TU report) but I