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  1. We had our house foreclosed and it finalized in August of 2015 (state of KY). After a major clean-up of our report (also used LexLaw) I was able to get all addresses but our current address (state of CO) deleted. Today I noticed that the trade line for our mortgage company states "foreclosed" only on TU - EX and EQ just stated delinquent by 4 months (or something to that affect). Plus, there is no public record on the CR. My question is: How could I proceed to get the trade line removed for the mortgage company so there is no foreclosure showing on the report? Yes, we did have the house foreclosed (fact). And, yes, I want that one trade line removed I was thinking about sending a "goodwill" letter asking the mortgage to delete the trade line, but wasn't sure if I should just send something to the CBs - not sure what I would ask for though.
  2. Furnishers? Is that the OC or the JDB (Midland, LVNV)? Sorry... still learning the lingo
  3. Super, thanks! I will send LVNV and Midland letters CMRRR and play dumb. To be honest, I only remember one of these little cc's, but all of them are past the 5 years at this point. I may look into an attorney to fight the lien--right now I only have a notice of Lis Pendens that was mailed stating they filed for it in the county court. Thanks again for the advice! (Just a side note: I truly hate the state of Kentucky when it comes to credit/collections, they have the worst SOLs of any state... seriously stinks. Glad I'm moving in 4 months!)
  4. O.k., did some further research so I am rewording my questions: I have about 8 negative TLs on my CRAs that are with Midland or LVNV that are all due to drop-off between March and August of 2015 (per my TU CRA), since these accounts were have a DOFD of 2008 and the SOL in the state of Kentucky for "open ended" accounts is 5 years, does that mean these accounts are no longer collectible? For instance: One is an old credit card with $450 balance that is now with LVNV Funding--DOFD is 5/2008, DOMD is 2009--I realize this will be on my CR until about 5/2015 (according to my TU report) but I have LVNV filing a Lis Pendens in the county I live in for a lien on any property I own (my name is on my house with my husband)... will they be able to get a lien on the house if it's past the 5 year SOL? Also... What is the difference between the "Date of First Delinquency" and "Date of Major Delinquency"? On all 8 TLs these two are almost always exactly one year apart--the DOMD is 2009. How do I find out the DOFD on an LVNV Funding TL when the Payment Data chart only shows the dates that the account was given to LVNV and not the actual dates the account became delinquent with the OC? I don't always know who the OC is because it's not on the TL for LVNV, so then would I contact LVNV for this info and if I do will that "re-age" the account? I want to avoid re-aging at all costs. I appreciate your assistance in advance! I have been reading on the site for years and really appreciate how informative and helpful the forums are--something you don't find everywhere. Thank you!