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  1. I sent a 623 directly to Duke Energy. I received in the mail from them...a bill. That was their response. It was not a detailed bill. It simply said, balance forward from account # ABCDSF 2300.00. I have grown weary of fighting this single negative listing on my credit report. At that point I called JL Walston to attempt to settle with them AGAIN. They stated to me that it is "illegal" to settle utility accounts.
  2. Hal - Don't bother responding to my posts. I'm not sure why you feel the need to make the statement "we have all responded to her question in multiple posts"...this is not true. I have asked separate questions needing separate answers and I have done LOADS of leg work myself. I have mailed, emailed and faxed letters to everyone and their mother. So, I do not like your implication that I am somehow being lazy with regards to this matter...and no I'm not waiting for you to do anything for me. Quite frankly, it seems that you have too much time of your hands.
  3. Well Jordan aren't you pleasant. I have done every single thing that has been suggested, thank you. I have a copy of the final bill. I stated that it is for 315.00. That is what I got from Duke.
  4. My understanding was that once the Original Creditor (in my case Duke Energy) sells the debt to a junk that point the OC is out of it...I did send the credit agency (JL Walston) a debt validation letter and sent a MOV letter to all of the credit bureaus. None of that was very helpful. I did not think that at this time I could go back to Duke and insist that they do an investigation...but if I can, then I will give it a try. I feel like I have hit a brick wall at this point...because JL Walston is not responding to me.
  5. Is it even beneficial to do a form 623 if the OC has sold the debt to a credit agency ?
  6. What is a 623...I'm assuming since you mention verification...this is a form asking them to validate the debt...If so, I have already done that. I got a computer print out from them as proof of validation.
  7. What does one do...when the creditor does not respond to any form of communication. I have emailed, faxed and mailed letters regarding trying to settle my account. I have heard nothing back from them...I just want this OFF of my credit report so I can move forward with a car loan....but I am stuck.
  8. Sorry for being so vague. This is a Duke Utility Bill. The final bill/activity on the account was in 2008. I actually never made payments on the account. Unfortunately, when I divorced, the utilities stayed on in my name. I have a copy of the final bill showing an amount owed of 315 dollars.
  9. In my ongong attempt to get JL Walston off of my credit report, I have realized that they have grossly misrepresented the amount owed. I have the entire final bill from Duke Utilities stating amount owed as 315 dollars...JL Walston reported that I owed over 2 thousand... I have been down the debt validation road with no success. What can I do when the wrong amount is reported ?
  10. I would like to settle/pay for delete, however I'm getting NO response from the credit agency....This debt is almost 4 years old.
  11. A follow up to my original post....What amount should be offered on a debt that is over 3 years old ? I'm reading various things online about the approximate amount the debt collector paid for the debt....most say pennies on the dollar....What is a fair percentage to offer ?
  12. For any of you who have had LUCK with successfully settling an account and having it removed from your Credit Report...Can you share your process or any helpful tips. Thanks in Advance.
  13. At this point I am finding Debt Validation to be unhelpful. I have gotten no resolution from requests for validation and I just want this off my credit report. My question is...the CA was able to send me one bill totalling 300 dollars....and then a computer print out that said, "Balance forward $2000" Can I offer a settlement on only the 300 dollars, which is what I feel is the valid debt ? I have no idea where the 2000 came from...for all I know they could put any random amount on a piece of paper and send it to me...what's to stop them from typing, "Balance forward $5000" ???
  14. Adam - To answer your questions:... The debt is technically mine, although I have no way of knowing if that amount is correct. I did not live in the house at the time. My ex husband did...but the utilities were in my name. The Utility company is not reporting the debt...It is being reported by JL Walston....It is from 2008. This is the first time it has ever been put on my credit report.
  15. I guess I'm confused by that...all the sample debt validation letters list multiple things that the CA needs to provide you with...They did send one bill for 300...where the "forwarded 2000" came from I have no idea. Should I send a letter try to settle and pay for a delete on the 300 ?