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  1. Does this mean they are going to sue or place liens. I have been out of the country for over a year but my mail gets forwarded to me. I haven't heard from anybody on since in a long while.
  2. I just saw on my credit report that a student loan with no activity for 19 years just appeared, and was classified as collection activity. I know the loan itself never expires but can they refresh it on your credit report after 19 years?
  3. I talked to an attorney and he said they are allowed to do a hard inquiry before validating. Is this correct or do I need a different attorney?
  4. They validated by sending me a copy of the lease. Is this sufficient?
  5. I sent a DV letter to the CA. I opened a credit monitoring service with USAA and see that the collection agency did a hard inquiry against me the day after they mailed me a collections notice. Is this a violation? I thought you had to give permission to do a hard inquiry. The attorney's I have talked with want me to settle because the $3k involved isn't worth their time. However I tried that several times and they weren't interested. I've also read that FCO never honors a pay for delete agreement.
  6. I received the letter from FCO, I have 2 weeks left to reply. They sent to my SC address. I currently live in Afghanistan. I was living in Virginia. I need to send a DV asap. Which address do I use?
  7. Anybody have a recommendation on which address I should send the DV frrom? I live in Afghanistan Maybe Virginia, not sure I have not received mail yet.
  8. I live in Afghanistan Maybe Virginia, not sure I have not received mail yet.
  9. I am writing a DV. I believe the only address FCO has is my parent's address in a different state. Which address should I use for my DV? My address in Afghanistan, my fiancee's address in the state I was living in or my parent's address?
  10. I'm wondering if I need FCRA or FDCPA violations before a good lawyer is going to be interested in my case. That's one reason I wanted to know whether to fire off a DV letter right away. The other is if it will protect my credit report.
  11. From what I have read about FCO, formally Pierce, Hamilton & Stern they like to screw up your credit as much as possible. Filing with the credit bureaus immediately and doing lots of hard inquiries. My first concern is heading this off at the pass. Would a DV do this? Should I hire an attorney before doing this or file a DV immediately? I have a good paying job that requires good credit so I'm willing to spend some money to do this. My first concern is protecting my credit rating. However I feel I have been treated unethically and immorally so my second goal is to do enough damage to make them rethink their tactics.
  12. I have a copy of the promissory note before and after the alteration. The carpet could have easily been cleaned and I told them so. They didn't clean the carpet, they replaced the carpet in the entire apartment. My credit rating isn't great but there is very little bad stuff on it and I need to keep it that way. Since it just went to collections I wanted to know if I should take any pre-emptive action such a Debt Validation letter. From what I have read about Promissory notes it is a material alteration since it was the amount owed and invalidates the note. They had no actual damages since they were already renting the apartment out before my last month expired much less the 2 months they want in addition. Fair Collections and Outsourcing appears to be an exceptionally nasty CA so I want to make sure I give myself maximum protection in case we end up in court. I have been using National Association of Consumer Advocates to find an attorney. I just want to make sure I have done everything I need to do in case I need to go with an attorney.
  13. I took a job 3 months ago out of the country and had to leave before my lease was up. The lease says I owe 2 months rent to get out early. I agreed to pay that and signed a promissory note to that effect which I still have. I spoke with an attorney during this time and he said that in court I would only be liable to for actual damages if they were not able to rent out the apartment but that was not his area so I should hire an attorney if I wanted to do that. I was content to pay the 2 months at that point which was $2440 to resolve the issue. Afterwards the apartment company said there was a spot on the carpet that they were sure they couldn't clean ( they didn't try) and charged me $500 to replace all the carpet in the entire apartment. They put an asterisk on the promissory note that says *does not include damages and changed the total to $2940. I did confirm that the apartment was rented out during my last month of paid rent and somebody was in the apartment before the 2 months rent began. They were unwilling to negotiate and after 3 months sent the account to a CA, Fair Collections and Outsourcing 6 days ago. Should I just settle, hire an attorney or utilize some of the methods mentioned her like Debt Validation? I would very much like to prevent this from going on my credit report even if I were able to have it removed later.