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  1. So today i received a letter in the mail for a loan i recently defaulted on, our credit repair was going great up until a change in employement threw us a major curve ball, we owe the debt, we know we do, it was a peer to peer loan type deal, is there any arrangements i can make without the negative going on my report? Where should i start? Or do i just send them DV letter? Im located in texas as was hoping to buy a house early next year
  2. i would start off by sending letters to CRA and letting them know none of the accounts are yours and see how far that gets you, I'm sure something is bound to fall off then you just start your battle one at a time, also check SOL laws in your state make sure you don't open yourself up to a lawsuit
  3. @lionhunter yes, those r the facts, i sent out proof of cmrrr dates and letters asking them to delete since they didn't respond within the 30 days. lets see how it goes
  4. same issue on my end, have 2 accounts with first data, first data sent me a letter saying they requested all 3 cra to delete, and i forwarded that same exact letter to all 3 CRA and they havent deleted, what can i do now, this is seriously impacting my score, its a fresh acct so i know the impact it has is great, any help is appreciated
  5. hey there guys, this website has been of great help to me, now my mother needs our help, just yesterday she was served by the sheriff , it appears a local atty here in texas has been asked by the local hospital to collect a debt. basically they are giving her 10 days to pay the debt or else she has to show up to court the monday after the expiration date. its about 1200.00 thats they want. she has about 600 of it, is there any way to delay this by disputing it? because at the very back of the letter its about 15 pages long, it says the typical unless you dispute it and notify us immediately, mumbo jumbo, they are showing some very fishy payment history, some are like 17.50, 3.00,6.00, 7.00, 10,00, im not sure if they are trying to say that she made payments, so that the SOL doesnt expire. how should we approach this situation? please advise so i can help her try to avoid ruining her good credit, shes about 780, i would hate for this to destroy her. please advise.
  6. fyi, i mailed them a letter stating that they were in breach of contract, and within a week or so of getting the letter, they deleted everything, you guys are great!
  7. here is what the letter says. the following serves to inform you that a deletion of the Account Services trade line has been submitted to the three credit-reporting agencies. please note this tends to be a fairly lengthy process. you will need to allow 30 days for full update with all three reporting agencies. shoul additional information be required, please contact our office. letter is dated 03-28-13 equifax updated as balance 0 paid transunion still shows full balance and in collections as well as experian. what are my options with this matter
  8. i came to an agreement with a collector on a medical bill my wife had, it was 1200.00 they agreed to delete if we paid in full. i paid the amount requested with a cashiers check, they gave us a letter in writting stating it would be deleted with all 3 majors, and they didnt keep their word. they updated it as paid 0 balance. i want it removed, what steps should i take.
  9. mailed out another letter to them to see if we can get this item removed since other 2 already did. lets see what happens
  10. as stated on a previous topic, my wife was hit with a judgement, and it wasnt hers, i sent all supporting documents to the 3 credit bureaus and equifax & experian deleted it but its been almost 2 months and transunion hasnt updated it on her credit report as being in dispute or responded, what actions can i take now? can i force them to delete it because they didnt respond within the 30-45 day period? i sent everything cmrrr, so i have all my proof, and i even printed out a copy of the delivery slip.
  11. just an update all 3 bureaus have deleted the item from my wifes credit
  12. Can you request a 623 on a judgement
  13. is there another letter i can send them and try to make them send me the records? im pretty sure they dont have crap on it, so thats why im trying to target them, but i also dont want to contact the company who purchased it because they are not on my credit report and i would hate for them to join the club, any help is appreciated
  14. i sent them the 623 form letter from the website and that was their response,
  15. i have hsbc reporting on my credit report, here is how it shows on my credit report Account Name HSBC BANK Account # 548955511861XXXX Account Type Credit Card Balance $0.00 Date Opened 1/1/2007 Account Status Closed Mo. Payment $0.00 Close Account Details Past Due $0.00 Payment Status Charge-off High Balance Limit $300.00 Terms Revolving Comments Subscriber reports dispute resolved - consumer disagrees i requested a 623, and i received a letter in the mail, and here is what it states.... dear robert sanchez we are responding to your correspondence dated march 21 2013, regarding account validation for the account ending in 6418. thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. our records indicate that due to delinquency, the account charged-off on february 28, 2009 and was subsequently sold to first financial with a balance of $707.34. First Financial is the legal owner of this acct and can be contacted directly at 800-542-8714. sincerely, orchard standard mastercard customer service dept. ok, since i requested a 623 arent they obligated to send me the records? im assuming that they dont have them, or else they would have sent them to me, what steps should i take now? thanks for all your help.