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  1. I am currently in court to contest the registration of a judgment based on an arbitration hearing in Minnesota (I live in NC). They claim they served me notice of the hearing but I don't remember such an event, and the UPS receipt is a pretty vague digital signature (with the delivery address backed out). Anyway, I am now in court, and they claim the debt is from an MBNA account, yet cite an account number that doesn't match the MBNA account I had in the past. This account, I paid off with a debt consolidation loan in 7/2005. The bank loan was handled by a reputable local law firm, and thus I
  2. I am in NC, and have an attorney, though I just beginning to realize that this isn't his area of expertise. Their proof of service was a copy of a UPS receipt, supposedly with my signature, which is simply with my first initial and a completely illegible last name (my own signature is not a model of clarity, but other from the "D". To my eye, it is not my signature). It is also an electronic copy, not pen and ink. Seems to me this would have been sent registered mail, and they would have the card I signed from the postman. Since when is UPS, who will leave packages on doorsteps, and let anyone
  3. Cache LLC bought the debt, held some sort of arbitration hearing in Minnesota they claim I was served notice of, got a favorable ruling, now they are trying to get the court to register the judgment in NC. They claim it is an MBNA account, but the account number matches a charge off in 2007 by BoA (I paid the MBNA account off in July 2005). Cache's lawyer is claiming that all of this is immaterial as I should have brought up the validity of the debt at arbitration (I am contesting being properly served), and since I didn't, their arbitrator ruled in their favor (big surprise) and they want th
  4. I am not in litigation with BoA, but one of their parasite debt buyers, Cache, LLC. I just got a continuance from a summary judgment as the judge agreed to give me time to prove that the account I paid off was this same account. I can provide you with references who can vouch for my identity. I run the blog thoughtcrimes.org and post under my own name (David Allen). I can (by private email) provide you the name of the company I work for, which you can look up on the web and see has NOTHING to do with collections or finance. You can call that number and ask for me. Also, I have been a regular
  5. Sorry to post off topic, but I can't send you a PM as I am a new user. I figured replying to one of your posts was the quickest way to contact you. You mention something in a 2009 post that could be very helpful to me if I can document it. I am in the middle of a court case with a collection agency acting to collect a paid off debt. The debt was originally with MBNA, which was bought by BoA. I paid of the debt with MBNA BEFORE it was acquired by BoA, and have canceled checks to prove it. However, the account # for the MBNA account doesn't match the MBNA account # on my check. The account # t