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  1. Sorry so long, but wanted to give as much information as possible. My husband needs a new car for work...He's a salesman and drives about 600 miles a week. His last car, paid off, had 250,000 miles and the mechanic said, time for a new one. We went to dealership #1 who could do the deal, but didn't have the exact car he wanted (they had one with more bells and whistles and thus more money...Sold his paid off car for the cash downpayment. Then dealership #1 came back and said, no, sorry, can't. We can get you into something else though. (He didn't want the something else. but he was considering it because he needs a car) Went to dealership #2 who said, yes, we can do the deal on the car he really wanted. We signed the paperwork with dealership #2, took the car home (told dealership #1 never mind and give us our down payment back--gave downpayment to dealership #2). Now, it's about 10 days later and dealership #2 is saying, oh sorry. You didn't tell us you pay child support so we can't do the deal. Now we are in a bind because he has no car for work. Both dealerships were charging 18% interest because of a 535 credit score. (Oh, and co-signer isn't an option.) My thought is to take the $1500 down payment and buy a cash car to use for a short time (maybe 1 year) while we work on repairing the credit. I even offered to let him use my car which has about 100,000 miles and I would take the cash car. But, he wants new since he drives so many miles. Any other options that anyone can think of that might help?!? Thank you in advance for any help/advice. Shannon