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  1. If they crossed SOL period and still sue you, that will be a straight away violation of law. You can counter sue them asking for harassment benefits.
  2. If they are not providing an authentic debt validation letter, send another email to them stating the reason for not accepting the previous document. Mark a CC to FDCPA, Attorney General's office and FTC asking a proper DV.
  3. You are moving perfectly fine. Its true the attorney is bullying you. Make sure to keep every conversation with their attorney recorded. It can also help you, if he breaks his line and comes up with any false information information or indirectly threaten you citing baseless logic.
  4. Send these creditors an email asking a proper debt validation letter, the letter should contain the principal loan amount, the account number (not the last four), name of the original creditor and the name of the debtor with his address. Do not forget to mark a CC to Attorney General's office and Federal Trade Commission.
  5. Make sure to keep every correspondents documented. Ask them to send a debt validation letter, with the principal amount and interest amount should be mentioned separately. If the debt is genuine, try to negotiate on the principal amount and upfront inform them that you are not going to pay the interest amount.
  6. If any information is not getting removed from the credit report, as you feel, then get in touch with the credit bureaus and make sure to forward a copy copy of your filing report.
  7. A written agreement signed by both the parties is a must. Never by any means pay a single dime to anyone without a an authentic signed document.
  8. The basic fact in repairing credit is not to skip monthly payment towards the creditors. It is always good to pay more than the minimum payment due in a month to any creditor and thus to overcome the debt much before the stipulated time.
  9. Before enrolling into any debt relief program, One must analyze his needs and check the authenticity of the company. One must take a multiple number of free counseling sessions to understand the program best for him.
  10. Hi jameseiv, I think you should enroll all the Credit card companies with your settlement program. The reason for this is Credit companies agree to debt settlement believing debtors have a poor financial condition.Now suppose you enroll two companies, and continue paying the others, what will those companies within your settlement plan believe? They will believe that your economic status is not as poor as your are being able to pay the other creditors. So please keep these factors in mind and discuss with your debt settlement company before taking the final decision. As far as my experience it will be better to enroll all the creditors rather than selecting any two. This is just my opinion. The final choice is yours. Best of luck!!
  11. I dont think FACEBOOK allows favorite links....probably MySpace has that option......
  12. Maybe the time for change has come..
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