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  1. I did the therapy through the same hospital that I went to the ER after surgery. It was the only place even close to do it at... So I'm guessing I'm screwed on this aspect then.
  2. I have a court date tomorrow and they CA attorney just sent me an email with a signiture sheet that states the responsible party is my father but I signed since he wasn't there. The part that really bothers me is their not suing me over that balance. They're suing me over physical therapy two months later. The attorney emailed me a copy of this signiture sheet that says in the fine print "In some cases the proper treatment of a medical condition required continuing treatment or diagnoses over a course of repeated outpatient visits. In such cases the request, consent and agreements contained herein shall apply to all repeat visits and all continuing treatment or diagnoses for the same condition." I signed this form when I went to the ER or they wouldn't have treated me. I was eighteen and two months, still in highschool, still under fathers insurance. I went to my regular doc the next day(which at the time wasn't affiliated with the hospital) and he referred me to a spe******t. I required surgery and subsequently physical therapy. This was two months down the road and the doctor, from a speciality clinic from over an hour away had me do PT. Does this still pertain to it? In essence, I'm being sued for $1,500 for physical therapy that happened two months after this signature and from a doctor at a completely different hospital.
  3. Hello everyone. I received (Action for money Judgement) small claims court yesterday. I plan on denying the claim. It tells me, on the form, to file my answer with the clerk of court within 20 days. Do I also need to send a copy to the lawyer? There is also a judgement entry on the bottom of the form, but it is not filled out. It's asking for the amount of 3302.17 COURT COSTS based on ________ and it's blank. There are 19 forms attached, they are letters from the CA to the OC asking for a signature and statements of 19 accounts. Some have statements, some have just a signature page. These letters state " PLEASE SIGN THE ASSIGNMENT BELOW AND RETURN WITH A CLEAR COPY OF YOUR ITEMIZED STATEMENT VERIFYING THE BALANCE DUE SO WE MAY FILE SUIT ON YOUR BEHALF. THANK YOU. ASSIGNMENT FOR VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, RECEIPT HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGED, THE UNDERSIGNED HEREBY SELL, ASSIGN, TRANSFER AND SET OVER ONTO GENERAL SERVICE BUREAU, INC., A CERTAIN CLAIM OF (HOSPITAL NAME) AGAINST (MY NAME) FOR GOODS, WARE AND MERCHANDISE SOLD AND DELIVERED OR SERVICES RENDERED AND PERFORMED IN THE SUM OF $AMOUNT HERE PLUS LAWFUL INTEREST THEREON; AND DO HEREBY AUTHORIZE SAID ASSSIGNEE TO DO AND PERFORM ALL ACTS NECESSARY FOR THE COLLECTION, SETTLEMENT, ADJUSTMENT, COMPROMISE OR SATISFACTION OF SAID CLAIM, INCLUDING ASSIGNORS NAME. ASSIGNOR HEREBY REPRESENT AND WARRANT THAT SAID CLAIM IS JUSTLY DUE AND OWING AND THE SAME IS FREE OF SETOFFS AND OTHER DEFENSES" pt: my name your account number: oc account number listing date. last charge date. date. our account number. The part that confuses me is "ASSIGNOR HEREBY REPRESENT AND WARRANT THAT SAID CLAIM IS JUSTLY DUE AND OWING AND THE SAME IS FREE OF SETOFFS AND OTHER DEFENSES"" What does this mean? Summary: I plan on filing a deny and taking this to trial. Do I file my answer with the clerk of court only, or also send a CRRR to the lawyer, too? Do I need to do anything else before I answer? Should I answer ASAP or closer to the 20 day mark? Thanks!
  4. The CA General Service Bureau is filing the suit. The paperwork says I have 20 days to respond and it also has a judgement order at the bottom. There is a page with a signature, but no written name, swearing that someone personally mailed notice by ordinary mail normal postage yadda yadda. Then it has 19 letters signed by the "patient" account rep from the hospital with an account number, listing date, and last charge date. Some have statements, some don't.
  5. Well I just got served a copy of a small claims notice. 19 accounts, they have an "itemized" list signed by a rep of the hospital.
  6. So, I spoke with the hospital's billing company today about some accounts that I had that hadn't hit collections yet and I figured why not ask about these bills that are at the collection agency. So I asked her and she found a whole bunch of them and told me that I didn't have to work with the CA if I didn't want to. That's good news. They're mailing me statements for all of the accounts with balances, dates, and charges that the CA refused to do! Now my question is, how do I find the SOL for these accounts so I know which ones need deleted?
  7. They wont even take my calls now. They hang up on me when I try to talk to them. Meh, let em sue me I guess. I tried to call the hospital but every time I do the billing department isn't there.
  8. I will try that, thanks. Also, none of this appears on my credit this normal?
  9. I feel I should add that this series of bills, as he put it, are medical bills ranging from 2005 to apparently 2011. He refused to go any further.
  10. I received two calls today back to back from General Service Bureau. The gentleman was rude to me on the phone, which I believe is fairly normal. He stated that I owed $3000 and wanted to know if I intended to pay. I told him I wanted an itemized list to verify the debt and he got angry with me saying that I had already lost my chance to do that. I told him I had not received anything in writing asking me for this. He told me I was lying. I asked him if anything was sent certified that I had signed for and he again said "we don't have to" which I understand they don't. He then told me that he was going to forward my account onto an attorney to be "reviewed." and disconnected the call. I called back and spoke to the same rep, who was still obviously angry that I had challenged him. He refused to discuss anything with me and told me I needed to speak to their "legal services department" and gave me the number. I called that number and spoke to a male and asked him if he was indeed the legal services department and he confirmed he was. I asked him why I was not able to get an itemized list and he stated "because I don't have to." I asked him why not and he said he just didn't have to. I asked him to provide me with the code sections stating that and he told me I was being stupid and he was attempting to get me to admit that I had no intentions of paying the debt. He then told me to get a lawyer and hung up on me. My question is, I have never received anything stating I have XX days to respond to dispute or verify my debt. How should I proceed with this?