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  1. More information to add. The company attached to it is Rust Consulting. When I Google them, the response was overwhelming positive but for all different reasons. They are basically a check and balances hired by AMEX. And they have cut checks to a variety of people over the years for mistakes AMEX has made. I should just endorse and sign it over to a church.
  2. In 2011 I beat LVNV in paperwork before court as a Pro Se for a debt they said I held for AMEX for a couple of thousand dollars. When the suit was originally filed in March 2011 it was the last month of SOL for my state of AZ. The Papaerowrk and court date was dragged out til October 2011, where they Dismissed with Prejudice. Fast Forward to January 2013 I have a check in the mail from AMEX for roughly 1% of what I owed on the supposed debt on that particular account. The letter with the check is an apology from AMEX having missed a billing statement for one month. I have done a google search to see if anyone is talking about this and haven't found anything except for a customer who got a check for the Reward system that was bugged. My questions are: Is this check free and clear? Is this a check to confirm if I was the original bearer of the debt thus allowing a new start on collections? Does this restart a SoL on the supposed account? Anything else anyone can think of would be great, thank you for your time.
  3. It's their witness (authorized rep for the deb collector) that they sent me a notice for. And I will have to phone in for the deposition as the Plaintiff's location is across state.
  4. State AZ: Ok, I've been in litigation with a Junk Collector Since March. We've gone back and forth with Motions that have all been denied. Even their Motion for summary judgment has been denied. Which also pushed the trial to October. We were just recently supposed to have a deposition of their Client, and Authorized rep of the Junk Debt Collector. But they postponed it within 4 business days (6 calendar days) of the trial. They also want to host the deposition in their offices 1.5 hours away from the county the suit is in, but will allow the Defendant to phone in. My questions are: How does the deposition work if the Joint Pretrial Statement is due 5 business days (7 calendar days) before the trial, and both sides need to start assembling their pretrial statements 20 days out from that? Will the deposition still be valid, if it's not discussed in the Pretrial Statement? Does the deposition need to be held in the county of the filed complaint? Should I file a Notice of this discrepancy or file a Motion to Reschedule and also ask for a better location terms? And, does the Deposi need to be the Authorized Rep. they labeled in their Disclosure? Thank you. I can provide more information if needed.