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  1. I was sued by HSBC in 2009 carrying over into 2011. I MTCed and initiated in JAMS. Their attorney offered me a mutual dismissal "with" prejudice to avoid the JAMS end. HSBC would not sign off with either a no 1099C or tradeline removal. HSBC sold this account to Cap 1, who in turn issued me a 1099C for forgiven debt just this year... for 2014. I never had a Cap 1 account and the fact that an HSBC suit was dismissed with prejudice held no weight with them as they said I still owed it. Even though it was never proven anywhere that it was my account or that the amount was correct. The 10
  2. I have a friend who lives in Utah. I need to find out #1. If credit card SOL is 4 years or 6 in Utah. #2. If a partial, (even $10.) payment will restart the clock. Or if it is date of first delinquency. My friend has a process server trying to get to him and his six years is running out soon. I cannot seem to find the info.... thanks.
  3. I will try to not to be too confusing. Do your trade lines fall off the CRAs by the OC/JDB notification or is it by the CRA itself? I have several accounts that should fall off the 3 credit reports at various times this year. Experian and TransUnion both show expected dates for this to happen, (Equifax does not) The dates on TransUnion are not the same as those on Experian . They are 1 or 2 months longer. But there are only 3 accounts still showing on TransUnion, while there are 9 on Experian. (13 on Equifax) Do the accounts just automatically fall off or is there something I would
  4. This is court ordered arbitration. YOU do want to AVOID this if you can. The courts use this to lighten their load. You want private contactual arbitration. Stop what you are doing and read at least the first 2 or 3 pages of the thread about this and you will have a better idea of what you really want and why.
  5. And likewise it would be nice if Clydesmom stayed here.
  6. Nope... not a quick fix, and a year will be just fine. The sponsor of this board generally does 6 at a time. I am aware of this because at one time I paid them to work on mine. I ran out of money and could not continue with them. But in 7 months they managed to remove 11 negatives from one of the CRAs. Their predecessor that I was using before them got a two or three removed per CRA in 11 months. I have nothing better to do at this time, and in truth... except for one CA misreporting a drop off date, along with a host of other things misreported, all will drop off themselves by the en
  7. I have done a search but did not see what I am looking for. If you have multiple OCs and JDBs reporting on your CRAs and you are disputing them all, I have been advised to only dispute up to 6 at a time. Since there is a limited time from each agency to dispute, varying between 30 to 90 days.... and you dispute only 6... lets say of 15..... do you loose the opportunity to dispute the others without ordering new reports with a new report number on it? Thanks
  8. Cap One is a nightmare if you default. You may not plan on it, but things happen. I would not go to them if they were the only ones on earth. If you have B of A why look for another.... use that.
  9. Well, since I first posted I have gotten used to windows 8. Had the opportunity to upgrade to 8.1 but for whatever reason this laptop refused to co-operate. I don't care as I would only need to learn some more. I decided to stay with Firefox, primarily because of their multi-row bookmark bar. And I am running Avast on this and my other two. for protection along with all sorts of other stuff that may or may not be needed.... I got the pop ups off originally and then they came back because of a worm about a week ago.... It was the other stuff that got the worm issue taken care of. I h
  10. For all my basic important files I use gmail. While there is infrequently a log on issue it has done well for me since 2009. I also have a yahoo that came with my ISP. That is the one I give to everyone that needs an email for their records to notify me of something. That is also the one that I was compromised twice on and I would not trust it for anything that I truly value. I have ... 22 gmail emails. They are used for everything from pen pals, to business info, to legal docs that I want ready reference to and those that are so private that if I die they will die with me. I just cre
  11. I would always keep a hard copy of anything that would be deemed important. But items like a dated credit report, while of possible reference necessity is not necessarily important if it should be lost. But I have a system... not fast and I am sure nothing the average person would want to take the time to do but a lot of the questionable important papers, that are just something I may or may not ever reference again in my life I have scanned into my computer, then attached them and emailed them to myself and created files in the myriad of email accounts I have for various endeavors. That
  12. I was thinking of doing something like that. Thanks for your input. I already have a scanner and at least I would have ready access if they would be needed. Now all I need is time, LOL
  13. Since July of 2009 I have multiple credit reports. Mostly because of a couple of agencies doing some tradeline lean ups and me getting some copies after disputes. Is there any reason to keep old credit reports. The box they are in is not only heavy but I have no idea where to keep these. I would like to shred any from 2010 thru 2012 unless you think I should keep them.... Keeping 2009, which is the full list of alleged defaults ( and balances due) and 2013 as the last years for comparison. I appreciate any input....
  14. The very first link from Beeches and Beer above (BTW thanks B& has this statement in it... "We’ve received several 1099-Cs for settled debt in 2012 and plan on filing Form 982 for insolvency. The question I have is: All of the settled debts happened on different dates throughout the year so how do we file only one Form 982? The instructions say that you must fill out your assets and liabilities immediately before the debt was settled, but how is this done with different settlement dates? All of the tax programs I’ve looked at only support a sing
  15. Well, my defaults were in 2008, or 1st quarter of 2009. How in the world would you come up with a list of assets going back 5 to 6 years? There are things , that would have been part of my inventory back then, that are worn out and thrown out from then that I have no record of...