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  1. Collection agency name is ARS. I know that I owe the debt, and I intend to deal with it, I just need a quick increase to my score because I am trying to replace my car. Date of last payment is 8/2013 although date reported is 4/2015. I did find where I rec'd a letter from a collection agency last year, but didn't DV it. I have the letters ready to go to the CRA's but not trying to figure out if that's my best option. This will be my first time disputing and OC, but I legitimately feel that there is $300 out there that should be applied to the account. May have to pony up an pay the $20/hr to the bank to search.
  2. I haven't been able to locate where I made my deposit and the bank requires $20/hr to research. I called the number that came up when I tried to log in to my account and it is for a collection agency. I'm going to start by disputing the information with the CRA (before a CA shows up on my report) and tell them that the amount is incorrect as there was a security deposit that should have been applied to the balance. I guess my next step is to wait and see how/if they respond.
  3. I'm going to do some research and see if I can find where I originally paid the deposit. I'm not 100% sure that I actually did, but I'm pretty sure. It was Orchard Banik at the time and from everything I've found, they required at least a $200 deposit plus some other fees. Either processing and/or annual fee. Really wish I was better at keeping records. :/
  4. So, I defaulted on a secured credit card (It's a CAP1 but was some other company back when I first got it) at the end of 2013. Stupid I know. I'm in the process of cleaning up my credit and this is my next one to tackle. I want to say the deposit was $300 as was the CL. The balance is now at $499 (because of fees, interest, etc.) Acct is charged off, but not in collections so it's the OC that's reporting to my CR. They have not sent me any letters for quite some time (probably since early 2014) I want to DV them to find out what happened to the deposit and perhaps make a settlement for the difference. I've had success when dealing with CA's but I know things work different when it's the OC so I'm not sure how to go about this without screwing things up. Should I dispute with CRA's or should I DV the OC? This is how it shows up on my CR TransUnion Experian Equifax Account #: xxxxxxxxxxxxx* xxxxxxxxxxxx**** xxxxxxxxxxx**** Condition: Derogatory Derogatory Derogatory Balance: $499 $499 $499 Type: Credit Card Credit Card Pay Status: Collection/Chargeoff Collection/Chargeoff Collection/Chargeoff Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Just an update...reported them to BBB and got their response. They said the only request they rec'd from me was from CRA (a lie, of course, which is pretty funny considering I included the usps tracking number in my complaint) in which they've already responded but since I was a nuisance, they were going to delete the file and have it removed from my credit report! I guess they must have thought they were in violation so to avoid me suing them for $2000 (since they called me twice after having mailed the letter).
  6. Thank you for your quick reply! I'm starting to understand how this works. One more question, do they have to send me the name/address of the OC or is the name sufficient?
  7. Ok, didn't want to start a new thread, but have some new information. This collection agency sent me a letter on the 13th showing me a screen dump with the amounts, etc. Turns out they called and left a recorded message for me on the 14th and they called again on the 16th (this time I waited for them and spoke to them, told them they called me at work and also mentioned how everything was supposed to be in writing, etc.) Below is the wording of my letter. Does their contact after having mailed a letter constitute a violation of the FDCPA? In addition, the screen dump they sent me shows my entire ss#. Is this a violation? I noticed that there are two entries for your company on my credit report. One in the amount of $xxxand the other in the amount of $xxx. I do not recognize these accounts/amounts as anything that I am familiar with. Please advise what the debt is for and in the meantime, please take the following actions: · Please contact any credit agencies to whom you have reported this alleged debt, and inform them that I am disputing the debt; and ·Please also forward a copy of this letter to the creditor who alleges that I owe the debt at issue, and inform them that I am disputing the debt. Except as specifically outlined herein, I am requesting that you cease all contact with me about the alleged debt. Any further contact should be strictly in conformity with the FDCPA: It should be limited to providing me with the documentation requested in this letter, informing me that you have ceased collection efforts on the alleged debt, or stating that you are taking a specific action in relation to the debt. Any further contact should be made in writing, and should be submitted to my home address by mail.
  8. I have 2 medical collections ($259 and $104). I sent a DV and C&D. I have also disputed with the CRA's. After doing this, I also noticed that next to where it has the original creditor (which was a medical lab), it says in parenthesis 'retail'. This is not a retail account so I'm wondering if it's being reported as one (as opposed to medical, which apparently doesn't impact score as much) If they don't delete with my previous 'not mine' dispute, should I do another dispute since it's says it's retail? The good thing is that it's only on TU so it's not too bad, but I want it gone!!
  9. How did you go about removing AFNI? I have them on one for an old DishNetwork acct.
  10. The last payment date has always said Feb 2009 (although 'my' last payment was made Sept 2008). They changed the date of first delinquency when I made the inquiry to the CRA. Account is not currently in collections and thankfully, it is past the SOL so they can't sue me for it. I was really just hoping to get it removed from my credit report. It was due to be removed 9/2015 but now looks like it will be 3/2016
  11. I had a vehicle repossessed in December 2008. My last payment was made Sept 2008) which is what was stated as date of first delinquency. The listing showed that there was a payment made in February 2009 (which I am assuming is when they sold the car at auction). A dispute/investigation letter was sent to TU stating that there hadn't been any payments made since Sept 2009 and that they needed to investigate. They sent me back the results and it updated the listing with a different balance and now all three CRA's are reporting the DOFD as March 2009. I sent the method of verification letter to TU and I'm waiting for that information. Should I send letters to EQ and EXP asking them to investigate why the information changed, or should I wait to see what TU says. I know for a fact that I made no payments since Sept 2009. Would the payment from the sale of the vehicle count as a payment? I would like to get the listing corrected back to what it was (for obvious reasons). What if anything, can or should be done to have this corrected back to what it was? See attached for what the listings look/looked like...I tried pasting it here, but it changed to text only and was difficult to read.
  12. From what I've read, supposedly they have 30 days from filing or from my notice that they didn't file. I'm ok with the motion being denied. I fully expect it. They didn't mention their motion for extension of time in the hearing notice. Is it likely that this will be piggybacked onto this hearing, or will they have to request a separate hearing for it?
  13. I'm in Florida - I am currently in foreclosure. Case was filed 8/2012. I did not request an extension of time and filed my answers and affirmative defenses (all 28 of them) within the 20 days. One defense was the non-resident cost bond issue. At the end of December, I filed motion to dismiss for failure to post cost bond. End of January, they filed motion for extension of time to answer my answer/affirmative defenses. End of April, they posted cost bond. Neither of us had set a hearing for either motion. About a week ago, I received a notice of hearing on my motion to dismiss (not their motion for extension of time). Since they (finally) posted the bond, should I still fight for the MTD, as the bond was posted almost 6 months past the date of filing the complaint? I'm also assuming that they will bring up their motion for extension of time. Should I fight this as well, since they have already had almost a year to answer? I am really hoping to have it dismissed, as the 5 years since my last payment just passed, as well as the new law requiring the banks to jump through hoops to file a foreclosure complaint. What should I expect to happen at the hearing? (not looking for the outcome, of course. Just want to know how the hearing is structured for something like this)
  14. Civil cover, summons and complaint were filed on 8/1. They were served to me on 8/8. Between the summons and the complaint is the lis pendens. It has not yet been recorded with the county office. Is this normal? Is there a certain time frame that this has to be done in? I've been looking in the FCRP but haven't come up with anything. And...as a hypothetical question, say they don't record the lis pendens. My ex was supposed to quit claim the house to me in our divorce. This hasn't happened yet (not really worried because the house is in FC). Could I record a lis pendens against him? If I did this, and the bank's atty hasn't recorded it. Would that hold them up? I know it's a long shot but gotta think outside the box.
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