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  1. Or is it okay to ask for validation after the 30 day period stated in the letter?
  2. I took out some student loans from the US dept of Ed. during school. They are all currently showing up on my credit report separately...basically showing 8 different loans from each semester they were taken out. If I consolidate these loans will they change on my credit report too? So that they will show only 1 loan instead of 8 different loans? Currently I'm in default of these loans but am working on making monthly payments so that they can be rehabilitated. Once my loan is in rehabilitation and the US Dept of Ed takes back the loan I would like to know if consolidating them will make a difference on my credit report. Would hate to have all those loans showing up separately for the rest of my life...especially since I only make 1 payment on them. Any help or info on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  3. I keep getting recorded phone calls from a collection agency trying to collect a debt from my 4 year old child. I'm pretty sure this is from a medical bill we had awhile ago...but I haven't received any paperwork or letters from this agency. Anyway I was wondering if it is actually legal for Collection Agencies to collect and report a debt on a minor child?I find it a bit ridiculous that this company that keeps calling wants to talk to my 4 year old son! I didn't think it was legal for them to collect on a minor. Shouldn't they be asking for me or my husband instead? This is how we have all the medical billing set up...for payment in our names not his. I have no info on this company because as stated above they have sent no letters...just recorded phone calls almost daily now. And I'm not quite sure how to proceed with this.
  4. My US Department of Education Federal Direct Loan just went into default. They assigned my loan to a CA which is now handling the loan. I Just entered a Rehabilitation program with the CA that is assigned to my loan and is currently holding my loan. When the rehabilitation period ends will my loan revert back to the US Department of Education? And will I then be able to apply for deferment and an Income Contingency or Based Re-payment plan? I've read differing info in regards to this and now I'm a bit confused on how all this works. I've read that it can be sold after to another party...and I've also read that once the rehabilitation is complete the info will be taken off the credit reports and that you CAN once again be eligible for deferments, forbearance, IBC plans and etc. Just not sure how all this works. I entered into this Rehabilitation plan with the CA via phone yet still unsure if I did this correctly. Any insight into this will be extremely helpful...Thank you!
  5. Thanks! I was thinking of doing the Validation only as a stall while I could gather info on how best to fix this. I kinda figured this might be a larger monster than that of regular credit problems. For rehabbing a defaulted Federal Student Loan...is this usually done through the CA that is assigned the account? Is there anything I need to get in writing from them if I end up in a rehabilitation program with them? Not quite sure how to go the rehabilitation route either.
  6. My Federal Direct Loan has gone into default and a Collection Agency by the name if Windham Professionals has been assigned this debt. Is it legal and okay to ask for validation of this defaulted student loan? If so, what validation evidence would they need to provide me with? Is it different than other regular credit information? Not quite sure how to proceed.
  7. Thinking of Consolidating my defaulted student loans as one of my options for trying to get my loan back into good standing. However I'm not sure if this is possible. If I consolidate my defaulted student loans will the status of the loan change? Will I still have to work with the CA it's been assigned to? Been reading about this but I'm still not quite sure how all of this would work. Help please!
  8. Oh...and can a defaulted student loan be considered for rehabilitation once payments start being made to a CA? Haven't made any payments yet...but just wondering what action or road is the best to take with this situation. Thanks!
  9. A Collection Agency by the name of Windham Professionals has recently been assigned my Defaulted US Department of Ed Direct Student Loan. Can I send a letter of Validation for this debt? Or are Defaulted Student loans not eligible for validation? Also I would like to try and rehabilitate this loan as I cannot pay the full amount of $29,000. I am not working and was trying to get my loan on a Income contingency repayment plan...I'm guessing the Dept of Ed never got my paperwork for this since I sent it out a long time ago and they have now decided to default my loan. I cannot pay more that $10 a month and I don't think the CA will accept this. Can a defaulted loan be assigned rehabilitation if it has already been assigned to a CA? What options are available for me at this point?
  10. Collection agency just called to inform me that my student loan is in default. Thought I was in Forbearance with a income contingency repayment plan to follow. Guess they never got my paperwork. Collection agency informs me that I owe $29,000. I'm Not working right now and living with my boyfriend and our 4 kids...he pays all the bills as I have no source of income at the moment. No possible way to pay this back unless payments are Super low...like $5-10 a month. What is the best possible way to deal with this? Can I ask for debt validation with a defaulted Direct Student Loan? If so, should I ask for validation first before talking with the collection agency? Or should I try and work out some sort of payment plan with the collection agency? And would filing for Bankruptcy for a Direct Student Loan work? Does Bankruptcy work for Student Loans? No paperwork from collection agency yet...just phone calls and they will be calling back in 10 mins to talk to me regarding my account with them. Not sure how to proceed. Also what sort of help is available to those with defaulted student loans?
  11. I've had a negative item from Wells Fargo on my ChexSystems report for the last 5 years. My last years Chex report has a "Date Reported: 9/29/2006" I'm guessing this is the date it was reported to Chex. On 10/01/11 I requested another report to make sure that the item was removed since it had hit the 5 year mark. However the report I received in the mail today is showing that it is still listed on my report. It has the same date of report showing and all the same info as my last Chex report with the exception of this additional information added in my new report: ACCOUNT/DEBT SOLD/UNPAID - Closure Status: DEBT SOLD This last bit of information was not on my last report. Does this mean that they are allowed to keep this information on my report? Am I miscalculating the 5 year date? Should this still be on my report or should it be removed? If I'm correct and it has been 5 years from the date of report can I get this removed? How?
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