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  1. Any body know SOL for this in North Carolina? I know its not valid forever. They have to file it within a certain amount of time with the clerk or its no longer valid. I just don't know what the time frame is. Any help is great. Thanks.
  2. I'm pretty sure EMTALA is for any ER visit until your stabilized. I'm not on SSI or SSDI.
  3. Was wanting to know if any one knew where to find this "amendment" at besides Wikipedia. "Hospitals and related services cannot receive a judgment against the patient in court filings made more than 36 months after the date the patient was discharged, or the last partial payment the patient made to the hospital, contractor, or agent. After that period, the patient may not be threatened with legal action if payment is not made, and may not be denied future outpatient services from the same company/agency that a patient is able to pay". Here's link to it on wiki, its about 3/4 way down the page. //] Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act - Wikipedia If I can find out if this is actually a statute/law then I believe I may be able to save myself $22k for an old ER bill that became a judgement that has basically ruined my life because I had an accident. Thanks for any & all help.