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  1. Thanks for sharing such a nice video, it has other videos also, ill be surely watching the rest. The way they explain stuffs is actually hard to not believe.
  2. Lol, that is real funny, I really needed something like this to go on. Thanks anyways.
  3. My favorite are Heineken, Budweiser and Guinness. I tried many other than that and all of the rest seems waste in front of these three. I call them the three musketeers.
  4. That guy is so lucky to have such a job, but i know about those wine tasters who have to lead a very restrictive lifestyle in order to get good tastes of wine. There is this asian guy who gets paid for sleeping in every room in the hotel as part of his job. Apparently he is not happy with his job. I wonder what there is to not like.
  5. Facial, I am guessing i am going right with the game.
  6. In an investigation done in a case where it was getting over the head, it was found that those calls were being done by some of the banks who had given loans and were finding ways to get that back.
  7. Oh my god, when will these guys grow up, it’s not right to compare your place with others. Each is better than the other on different fields. It’s the countries that you must compare like awesome US against whole of Middle East, where do you have chicks riding cars, bikes, serving food, roaming around in comfortable clothes and living the way they want. I guess it’s US.
  8. Hi Mike, i am curious to know more about it. I think it is time that economy is going to move upward, although slowly but i am planning to invest in anything. I am wondering weather to invest on stocks or real estate and to be frank i am finding both of them to be risky.
  9. If they can bail out Casey Anthony, then i don't think there is much space to give them a chance about proving them that they are true to the law. I don't know how the jury came to such a decision and i don't know what were the court members think about. Everybody knew who was right and who was wrong.
  10. I am for Occupy Wall Street for my own reasons, we have ups and down in the economy which has a big hand of the Corporate biggies while the public in general have almost no control over such change in the events like recession. During such times, while these Corporate Houses survive, while many household perish and people are on the street. Oil companies on the other hand do any kind of oil spill in the sea damaging flora and fauna of the locals and the only default they are punished with is to pay lump sum money which is anyways filled with. Companies like Nike and other companies find cheape
  11. I just love having BBQ dishes, i wish we have more of such dishes to have. BBQ is mostly grilling which actually good for health. Cheers to those who too love having from BBQ.
  12. I will suggest you some of my favorite like How i Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Community, Modern Family etc. If you are bored of sitcoms, you can also check reality shows like X factor.
  13. I recently found this forum and i have so many questions on credit which many have asked, i found many suggestion given to be beneficial to me too. I am really excited to join this thread.
  14. I am not able to get the game. I am going to go with Seriously I hope this is right.
  15. 10 things found in your kid's backpack... 1. Notebook 2. Candy Bar 3. Condoms 4. Half eaten sandwich 5. Gum 6. Pencil 7. Nintendo DS 8. Crayons 9. Toy 10. iPhone 10 things (files, software, programs etc) you will find in a teenager’s laptop.