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  1. Funny when i look back at this , do you realize , (probably not) that we fought the Insurance Co for 11 months, got the State involved, and finally settled , due to RSA;s in the State of NH ,., in the end, we recieved a letter from the Insurance Co that they were sorry about our loss, due to Hurricane Katrina, smh this was in August of 2013 a year later,
  2. So another devious spin , We went ahead and did our demo, everything is literally gone. Insurance Co now changed their mind, they are going to Repair. Ugh, I want to bang my head against the wall.
  3. So the IC ended up calling my PA back, said the Original Adj was no longer with the Company ( I have no doubt she was at the desk right next to his, however I digress, that was three weeks ago. THe PA reminded them of how the policy was written and the New Adj said he would look at it. Jump ahead to last friday when my spouse recieves a call from our PA, the Ins CO has now agreed to pay the policy , we meet with our PA this week to finalize paperwork and have no obtained the go ahead for DEMO! Bring it on!
  4. He made contact with the Public Adjuster yesterday.
  5. Update: Apparently their adjuster no longer works for the company. hmm
  6. Its just frustrating, I mean I am in a position now, where i got a temp rental so i am safe and warm , should i just put my feet up and wait?
  7. eoth2011


    Now thats just plain funny , I dont care who you are.
  8. Yes from the local government, I just cant believe the insurance company doesnt even return the Public Adjusters phone calls.
  9. Insurance co will not return calls from Public Adjuster now. They want to repair. Building Inspector has condemmed the building.
  10. Yes it was a typo , my apologies, I just wanted to make sure , even though it is Beyond SOL, That I did not let my guard down. Snarky letter it is.
  11. So a C&D rather than a Request for VOD. I know its beyond MY states SOL, and it seems the OC sold it about the time it reached that plateau.
  12. In the state in which I reside SOL is 3 years.
  13. Yeah apparently it is helpful to pose the question , Should I still send a VOD letter ? Which is probably another stupid question , since ive been reading Coltfans "The all inclusive Ive been Sued By Midland"
  14. I have recieved a letter via snail mail , from MCM, This alledged debt is beyond SOL. In my State. The letter is a settlement offer around 30% of the so called debt. It also states something along the lines of They will not use me for repayment of this obligation , and go on to say that upon reciept of said payment they will Notify the Credit Reporting Bureaus and have my CR updated as Paid In Full.
  15. THese guys dont fool around , they are literally counting every last sock. Im not sure if i should be nervous or not , lol
  16. So todays happenings , Met with a PA , who immediatly said he was calling the State, he was disgusted. On the other hand , lol , when I did get home , in my mail I recieved my renewal policy for my home.
  17. Thank You 1st, I will sit here patiently and hope that Coltsfan does a drive by!!!
  18. I mean, Wouldnt the insurance company have to follow the states RSA and Mandatory Endorcements
  19. Thats the statute Im actually looking at, did not know anything about it , until i came across it in the insurance policy. My insurance Company actually provided it. However they have just made a offer of about 25 percent of my policy which is a Replacement Policy. And i just dont understand. When they stated we didnt have a specific endorcement added to our policy. I noticed this listed as a Mandatory Endorcement. Confusing
  20. I am still in the process with the Ins Co. Is it my imagination or are they not the savior people make them out to be, My, they do like to drag things out. So we got our first kick in the face low ball offer. As I was moping around this weekend , I was going thru the Insurance Policy again for the 100th time since it seems everytime I look I learn just a little more. Attached to several of the Policys ( as Ive kept most of them since the inception of this Policy) is a NH RSA 407:11,( they attached to policy) What is the definition of a Mandatory Policy Endorcement? And what does this RSAmean to me? I know I am in the completly wrong room , lol, but heck you guys are seekers and finders like myself.
  21. Thanks Coltfan, what I figure is this. I dont plan on doing anything until I see what their offer is. Since I wont know if a PA can help if I dont know the figure yet. It has ONLY been a month , I know, its just frustrating not knowing what is supposed to happen or what coverage I have, or if I am going to have to pay for this room all of out of pocket while waiting for them to update
  22. As it states this is completely off topic, a month ago we lost our home and our possesions to a fire, its a complete loss. We have been playing the Insurance Co ( yes we have Insurance) phone tag game, not fun and are on week 4 of a Hotel Stay. My question is , has anyone used a Public Adjuster , and do you recommend I use one? Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated, Thanks for Looking.
  23. I have a Kohls card, and i can tell you , my credit score is NOT 810
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